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You can roller skate for free at the newly renovated Westbrook Ice Rink

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When Portland’s Happy Wheels Skating Center closed in December 2019, it left a void for kids and adults alike who enjoyed the old school hobby as a different day in the city. As Happy Wheels continues to build their new home on Warren Avenue in Westbrook, families looking to keep their skills up to date can roller skate for free on select nights at the newly renovated Cornelia Warren Rink located at 58 Lincoln Street in Westbrook.

Shared on Facebook by the Westbrook Community Center, the four-season rink cut the ribbon earlier in June. The renovations have transformed the rink into a true four-season destination, offering inline and roller skating during the warmer months and possibly ice skating when the weather turns cold again. The ice rink being a community project, it is available free of charge most days, some evenings being reserved in advance for various organized activities.

If you’re looking to regain that feeling of a fun “family night”, twice a month there are “Free Skating Fridays” at the Cornelia Warren Rink. Children’s sessions take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and adult sessions from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Open sessions are available when the calendar is free of events.

If you plan to visit the outdoor rink to skate, you will need to bring your own skates. Currently there are no roller skate rentals available, but there may be some in the future. In addition, there are no toilets on site at the moment. Finally, park rules state that you “skate at your own risk” so be advised.

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