November 16, 2022
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You are a glass skateboard fiend on a mission to swallow the moon

By on June 9, 2022 0

“You are a demon made of glass and pain.” I feel like that’s a pretty good pitch for a game on its own, but it only gets more intriguing when the demon picks up a skateboard and starts shredding the underworld.

And why? Well, the Devil said if you skateboard to the moon and swallow it whole, your soul will be set free. This is the story of Skate Story.

I know this sounds like a pretty familiar concept – an aspiring moon swallower does a bunch of cool skateboarding tricks through hell while being made of pain and glass – but once you see him in action in the trailer above, you’ll be pretty blown away at how it all looks. Skate Story is a beautiful game, like a painting of a skateboard glass demon come to life. Fantastic soundtrack, too.

“Ollie, kickflip, and blast your way through the ash and smoke of The Emptylands as you embark on a seemingly impossible quest,” reads the game’s page on Steam. (opens in a new tab). “Skate fast to destroy vicious demons, help a forgetful frog, and save other tortured souls on your journey from fragile beginner to hardened skater.

There are over 70 tricks to master, and along the way, you’ll gain access to new bridges, trucks, wheels, and other skating gear. Skate story features music from Blood Cultures and John Flo, and is slated for release in 2023. Until then, do as I do and watch the trailer 10 or 15 more times. Just try not to fall off your board. You will break. That’s the downside of being a glass demon, I guess.