October 6, 2022
  • October 6, 2022

WORKS, George Square Gardens Assembly

By on August 6, 2022 0

Edinburgh 2022: Review: CHORES, Assembly George Square GardensDo you remember being asked to tidy your room when you were a child? It was never very fun. But could we strive to make it exciting?

This brother and sister character duo show us just how much mischief can be done in their bedroom, with an assortment of toilet paper blowers, laundry detergent, the dreaded water jet and an array of soft toys. This includes a much-loved and disputed favorite teddy bear, which brings a sense of nostalgia to anyone with a history of sibling rivalry, over the toy of the moment. The set displays a fabulous group of blocks, spelling out the show’s title “CHORES”, which is used later in the performance for the purpose of energetic spins. The pair are dressed in vibrant and visually pleasing blue and green overalls. Both performers are super energetic and playful.

A whingey whey language is created, making the interpreters’ intent clear and accessible to all, so the need for language is artfully obsolete. Some early laps get the crowd excited, but the problem here is that leaves us wanting a lot more stunts from the excellent pair, who are more than capable. We see elements of their clear skill in some great roller skating action, but we crave stuff on the talented duo’s clowning around. The clown continues.

Ultimately it remains for us to thank our lucky stars, that (most of them!) our own cheeky monkeys are less disruptive, filthy and maniacal, and to really appreciate our children’s messy rooms compared to this pair of children capricious.

Chores are taking place at Assembly George Square Gardens, Piccolo from August 6-14, 16-21 and 23-28, 2022.