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Which Animal Crossing character are you based on your zodiac sign?

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The villagers of animal crossing aren’t the only ones with distinct personalities, as the NPCs players encounter in their daily activities are also unique, from the infamous Tom Nook to the musical KK Slider.

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A good way to better understand these characters is to look at them through the lens of the zodiac, aligning each animal with the astrological sign that best suits them in order to highlight the most important parts of their identity, and perhaps be to bring other sharper aspects. focus too.

Aries – Mr. Resetti

Mr Resetti Animal Crossing

Associated with the fire element, the Aries sign is said to be passionate, bold and full of energy. Although their assertions can sometimes be seen as rudeness, Aries values ​​honesty above all else.


Mr. Resetti’s character perfectly captures the spirit of Aries. In many entries of the animal crossing series, the mole was tasked with berating players who forgot to continually save or reset their game, and although fans remember him simply as angry, he ultimately took his job very seriously and seemed much calmer if met in Brewster’s cafe.

Bull – Movie

Filming in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Despite their perceived stubbornness, Taurus are dependable and ambitious, but alongside that, they also make time for the finer things in life, seeking out what brings them joy.

In Taurus fashion, Flick has dedicated his life to this, combining his greatest love with his career as an insect scientist who also builds insect models. Determined to understand bugs in all their glory, Flick will happily buy anything a player catches, while also hosting Bug-Offs to encourage others to explore this passion.

Gemini – Tom Nook

Strong, intelligent communicators with an innate curiosity, the symbol of Gemini is the Twins, and those who fall under the sign are characterized as having two distinct aspects that they present to those around them.

Although Tom Nook is generally seen as an enemy of the gamer, with his high loans and love of money, some fans have a theory that shows his duality, believing that Tom Nook is actually the hero of the game. animal crossing franchise, both in the way he takes care of Timmy and Tommy, and in the way he manages the infrastructure of a city or an island. Either way, Nook is definitely a Gemini due to his deep expertise.

Cancer – Daisy Mae

daisy mae in animal crossing

Widely seen as an emotional sign, Cancers have more than meets the eye, being nurturing and intuitive, while also having a high regard for their families.

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Turnip vendor Daisy Mae, though still quite young, certainly exhibits some Cancer traits, particularly in the closeness she enjoys with her grandmother Joan, whose turnips she brings to the Player Islands every Sunday morning at New Horizons. Additionally, his characteristic drop in the nose could be seen as a consequence of crying or an otherwise overwhelming display of emotion.

Leo – KK Slider

Natural leaders confident in their own abilities, Leos are striking and courageous in all their endeavors, whether personal, professional or otherwise.

While only die-hard animal crossing fans know KK’s voice actor was also the game’s composer, it’s easy to see the character is a Leo, both for his assured stage presence and huge in-game fan base, proving that he can attract the kind of attention that leaders do.

Virgo – Celestial

Celeste from Animal Crossing is a star gazing owl

Intelligent and known for their attention to detail, Virgos are caring souls who will always help a friend in need no matter what problems they face.

the animal crossing The character with the most in-game knowledge of astrology and astronomy, Celeste, fits perfectly under the sign of Virgo, as her pursuit of education around outer space is her main focus in the game. Along with that, she is kind and helpful to the players, always providing them with information about the constellations and (in New Horizons) special DIY recipes.

Libra – Blathers

Blathers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

With Libra as their symbol, Libras are synonymous with harmony, with an intellect and diplomacy that helps them maintain balance.

Museum curator Blathers is a wise owl who can identify animals, fossils and paintings at a glance, meticulously categorizing them for easy display. Although he has a strong aversion to insects, this Libra is willing to manipulate and discuss them for the greater vision of his institution, proving his dedication.

Scorpio – Red

Animal Crossing New Horizons Redd Tombola 2.0

Highly resourceful and strategic, Scorpios are self-starters with an acute ability to read others, but that doesn’t make them cold, as they are also expressive.

While a selection of art dealer Redd’s paintings and sculptures are always authentic, this kitsune embodies the intelligent nature of his sign and animal, often selling counterfeits to unsuspecting customers. At the same time, his charisma draws people in, a skill he puts to good use and a trait he shares with many Scorpios.

Sagittarius – Isabella

Every Non-Animal Crossing Game That Features Isabelle

Playful, caring, and independent, Sagittarius is generous with their time and will most often have a positive outlook on life, as well as a desire to uplift others.

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As she often plays a supporting role for the player, Isabelle is an excellent embodiment of the Sagittarius ethos, eager to help those around her and radiating joy through her sweet words. She also loves her job and is very competent in her position.

Capricorn – Tortimer

Capricorns are organized, mature, and familiar with managing their responsibilities, while having a penchant for jokes and sarcasm.

An emblematic luminaire of the animal crossing series, Tortimer was mayor of a player’s town in the early games, but in the last two episodes he has retired. Although he enjoys his position of power, often telling players his responsibilities as mayor, Tortimer also fits the Capricorn trait of being a prankster, proven when he assumes the mantle of Cornimer, a turtle wearing an acorn-like mask. .

Aquarius – Brewster

Mysterious and imaginative, those of the Aquarius sign are often motivated by their wish to make the world a better place, with an interest in the environment.

As shown in many of Brewster’s overly good memes, this barista pigeon can be somewhat cold to players when they first meet, but this mystery gradually reveals a caring personality the more Brewster interacts with it. In New HorizonsBrewster’s affinity for gyroids also links him to an Aquarian’s love of nature.

Pisces – CJ

CJ in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Pisces is a very creative sign, which makes them able to adapt to many circumstances, but at the same time they can be sensitive and have strong emotional reactions.

It’s only fitting that CJ aligns with this aquatic sign, given his love of fishing, and as the host of the Fishing Tournament, he puts his knowledge on the subject to good use. CJ shows his Pisces creativity in creating content for his fishing live streams and reacts with unbridled delight when players help him in this endeavor.

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