September 22, 2022
  • September 22, 2022

What you need to know about the 2022 Slalom Skates Guide

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Slalom skating is a skating discipline that requires a lot of resistance, control and balance. That’s why you have to be very serious when choosing your skates. Visual aesthetics are important in slalom inline skating. But you should pay more attention to the physical characteristics as they will determine your future performance.

Let us give you some leads to make your decision easier.

Learn what to look for in slalom skates

To practice freestyle slalom skating, you need a solid pair of skates. It’s not as easy as it seems. And it is even more difficult to find shoes that would meet the needs of several disciplines at the same time. If you are interested in a versatile pair, take a look at free ride skates as they are suitable for various practices. If your sessions are going to be long, it is better to focus on your comfort.

What to look for in a good slalom skate

The different types of slalom have determined the need for suitable skates. Now you need to look for something more than soft and hard models. In Seba slalom, you need skates that offer better support and more precision. You also need skates with frames made to match your skin tone. The shorter you are, the shorter your frame.

Models with and without cuffs have also become a topic of discussion. The cuffs are supposed to improve support and precision. However, some skaters prefer to have some freedom. The arrival of twisted edge cuffs has become a saving grace as they allow for smoother flexibility.

In slalom you have to keep your balance and your technique straight. In this case, we must not neglect the size of the wheels. The smaller the wheels, the lower your center of gravity. But your choice should also depend on discipline, speed, foot measurements and diameter range.

What to expect in a slalom boot

Today’s market offers many inline slalom skates. Soft or hard boots? With or without cuffs? Small or large frames? You have options to get the support required for precise movements.

Pay special attention to Seba skate technology. It provided the slalom skates with support and comfort. Instead of the old plastic material, the new generation boots are made from composite carbon or glass fiber, which makes them lightweight and flexible.


Slalom skates have undergone multiple transformations since the 80s. Today’s skates offer more support, flexibility and customization than ever before. That doesn’t mean they’re all right for you, though.

Don’t rush to the most expensive boots right away. They are not necessarily the most comfortable for slalom skating. Instead, focus on the features of the desired pair of skates. If you plan to practice several skating disciplines but have a small budget, always take the model that will suit all your needs at once. This will be the best guarantee of your future success!