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Video shows woman attacked at Colorado Springs ice rink

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo .– A mother was punched and kicked in the face on an ice rink in Colorado Springs in front of her children and dozens of other families in an attack that was filmed.

Monique Reetz said she passed out and said Saturday’s fight was about a plastic skate trainer for her disabled son.

Reetz and Alana Arguelles are seen in the video wrestling on the ground in Skate City at 1920 N. Academy Blvd. in Colorado Springs. Next, Arguelles’ husband Alfredo is seen in the video stomping on Reetz in the face.

“It was like lightning in my brain,” Reetz said.

Reetz said her 13-year-old son Raymond was diagnosed with leukodystrophy, a rare genetic condition, at birth.

He wears hearing aids and cannot do normal things that other children can do.

Reetz said she asked her son for a skate trainer to help support him. But she said Alana Arguelles took it from the child when she asked her to pick it up.

“I went over to her and said, ‘Hey, did you take my son’s rolly? and she automatically started going mad. Showdown, ”Reetz said.

Reetz said she tried to defend herself and turned around. She then said Alfredo Arguelles kicked her, knocking her out coldly, as her daughter rushed to her side.

“The most devastating thing is doing this in front of my daughter and my son,” Reetz said.

Alfredo, Alana and Arguelles deleted their Facebook profiles and did not respond to calls for comment.

Reetz went to the hospital and was treated for a concussion and internal bleeding.

The Colorado Springs Police Department said Alfredo Arguelles was arrested for third degree assault and child abuse. He has since been released. Alana Arguelles has not been charged.

Police said when two people get into a fight and the two strike, neither is charged.



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