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Tyler Hainey breaks Guinness World Record held by scooter legend

By on November 10, 2022 0

An 11-year-old scooter superstar from Bracknell has made history this year after breaking two world records previously held by freestyle scooter legend ‘Kota’ Schuetz.

Tyler Hainey, who has gone from strength to strength in the scooter community, went viral on Tik Tok when he landed his first-ever double back flip in October 2021.

Three months later, in January 2022, he completed 15 back-flips in one minute, which broke the previous record (12) set in 2012.

Tyler Hainey of Bracknell said: “I’ve been working on the double backflip for three years. I started when I was seven years old and after training on airbags and then foam I finally managed to land it when I was 10 years old.

“Once I perfected it, I landed it the first time.

“It was absolutely amazing to finally land it and when I broke the record I was so happy.”

In February 2022, Tyler was invited by Guinness World Records to Italian TV show Lo Show dei Record! To set a scooter front flip record that had never been done before.

In front of thousands of people and televised on Italian television, the 11-year-old Bracknell boy mastered six scooter flips in 60 seconds.

He added: “The record I set in Italy was on a much bigger stage and because I didn’t speak the language it was a bit overwhelming and nerve-wracking.

Brian Hainey, Tyler’s father, said: “The event in Italy was very nerve-wracking, but it was also very exciting.

“Not only was he going there to set a world record, everyone was speaking Italian and because it was television, everything was going 100 miles an hour.

“Everything was so fast and sporadic and quick, but he did it in an incredible way. It was such a good platform for him.

“I’m so proud of him. You just couldn’t ask for more from a child.

The Bracknell boy also appeared on Britain’s Got Talent 2022 where his team qualified for the quarter-finals by wowing the judges on stage with a host of tricks.

To reach the level he achieved at such a young age, Tyler often rides hundreds of miles at skate parks across the country alongside his dad, Brian, to progress and advance his skills.

Mr Hainey said Tyler first rode a scooter on a trip to Smyths toy store when he was six years old.

“Instead of picking up another toy to add to his collection, he bought himself a scooter and it immediately went natural,” the proud dad said.

At the age of 7, just 16 months after starting the sport, he became the youngest person in Europe to perform a backflip on his scooter.

Tyler has since gone from strength to strength over the past six years, winning multiple titles and developing a dedicated online following on Instagram and Tik Tok.

As the young prodigy progresses in the sport, his goal of qualifying for the Olympics is a dream he hopes will one day come true.

Tyler said: “My eye is on the prize over the next 10 years of scootering at the Olympics

“They’ve never shared anything before about adding it, but the video from last year that went viral was shared by the Olympics on social media.

“They also shared stuff from a friend of mine that he’s been working on for 6 years.”

Brian added: “The fact that they shared Tyler’s video is a huge step towards bringing the sport into the Olympics.

“They show that they are aware of it. Scooters also take off bigger than BMXs and skateboards.

“So we keep our fingers crossed for the future of the Olympics. It’s definitely on the cards and his dream could come true.