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Toronto gets a retro drive-through with roller cars and disco parties

By on June 25, 2021 0

Okay, it’s confirmed – roller skating is back and it’s popping up all over Toronto.

The most recent upcoming roller-disco event will be The Dusty Star Drive-In Diner. The pop-up concept recreates the nostalgic 1950s style restaurant with music, food, drink, roller skate servers, market vendors, and disco nights.

The one-of-a-kind immersive destination experience was born out of the idea of ​​”having a friendly and fun outdoor activity” socially distanced “while supporting local community businesses that suffered during the pandemic.”

“It was also due to the great resurgence in roller skating popularity over the past two years of TikTik, Instagram and more,” said event designer and producer Naomi Belcamino.

Dinner will have its own unique menu mixed with local restaurants and chefs from Sapori, Uncle Mikey’s, Tanto and Super Empanada.

True retro classics will be on the menu like root beer floats and milkshakes ($ 5), fries ($ 5) and hot dogs ($ 5) all served in the iconic red and white checkered napkins.

While the restaurant menu will also get a modern twist with menu items like Tanto Steak Sandwich ($ 15), Sapori’s Smash Burger ($ 13), Uncle Mikey’s Kimchi Fries with Bodega Sauce ($ 8 ) and the Super Empanada Hot Dog ($ 9) to name a few.

All the delicious dishes on the menu will be served by a waiter on roller skates and picnic tables will be set up for those who do not have access to a car but still want to be served.

DJs will play mixes of disco, funk and soul classics and people can bring their own skates and enjoy the disco party atmosphere.

“We aim to have a separate licensed outdoor bar and community market where artisans sell various vintage or handcrafted goods,” Belcamino said.

The opening weekend is August 13th while two more weekends are currently in the works and “If there is demand we will plan more events”.

The location has yet to be revealed, keep a close eye on their Instagram account for when they’ll leave more details.

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