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These TikTok Approved Roller Sneakers Are A Child’s Dream Of The 90s

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If you’ve spent any time on TikTok in the past year, you’ve probably noticed the resurgence of a very ’80s activity: Everyone from hip teens to celebrities like Ashley Graham have started roller skating. . This boom in popularity made it difficult to buy a pair of skates, as many styles sold out on a regular basis. The good news? Inline skating is as popular as ever for the summer of 2021, and it’s now easier to find a pair of in-stock skates that you can have fun with.

While many roller skating enthusiasts have turned to traditional boot-shaped skates, some TikTokers have looked at another ’90s-inspired style: chunky daddy sneakers with pop-up wheels, like roller shoes. from MLyzhe (Buy it, from $ 98, TikTok user @tess_bp showed off a similar pair of roller skates in a TikTok that received over 4.1 million likes, and another @makonthemoon user flaunted his pair of skates in a video featuring 4.5 million views.

So what makes skates so special? They look like normal white sneakers, until the wearer taps a button on the back of the shoe, ejecting a set of wheels from the sole. The concept is similar to Heelys – the wheeled sneakers that were once coveted by many ’90s kids (and are, BTW, still available for purchase) – but because they feature four wheels, as opposed to the wheel. unique to Heelys, they are more functional for the real roller skate. (Related: The 8 Best Roller Skates To Channel Your Inner Skating Goddess TikTok)

The essentials of the Amazon lifestyle

The essentials of the Amazon lifestyle


Buy it: MLyzhe Deformation Roller Shoes, from $ 98,

Amazon reviewers are impressed with the quality of the roller sneakers, giving them over 400 five-star ratings. Customers rate them as “surprisingly comfortable” and “well-made,” but order half a size up from your usual shoe size as they tend to be small. The only drawback ? Buyers point out that they will not give you the exact same experience as a pair of traditional skates. “[The wheels] come out and push well. Obviously, they are not the same as regular roller skates [as] the wheels are smaller, “one wrote.” It’s so awesome to be able to walk and then decide you want to roller skate [by] at the push of a button. They are so cool, I have received so many compliments and have only had them for two days. “

Although the shoes can be worn like normal sneakers, it is important to take certain safety precautions. Specifically, you’ll want to avoid wearing them on uneven surfaces to prevent the wheels from inadvertently ejecting or folding up. Since the shoes do not have a toe stop like traditional roller skates, you can also practice skating slowly before increasing your speed. And since they don’t have the large wheels and ankle support typical of more traditional options, they might not be the best choice for people who want to try roller skating tricks – but for the casual skater, they are a great option. (Related: How Midlife Helped Me Rediscover My Passion For Skating)

It’s not too late to join the roller skating trend, and with these roller skate sneakers you can slide right away. But hurry up and add them to your Amazon shopping cart ASAP – if history is any indication, these TikTok approved skates are bound to sell.

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