October 6, 2022
  • October 6, 2022

The Inaugural Northwest Opening Presented by Tactics

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Kicking off what will hopefully be an annual event, Tactics threw $10,000 cash over three days of open-format competitions at Seek Skate Camp in the woods of Mt. Hood, Oregon. The skate/jam/party weekend was free for all, and 89,500 square feet of rippable land was laid bare for top trick contests, product launches, time trials, and whatever else you can. think. The energy was there!

Photo credit: Blair Alley

Faith Bakin, kickflip up with flick!

Many people also stayed and camped there (many thanks to Poler and all the camping gear they gave out for free): Silas Baxter-Neal, Milton Martinez, Willis Kimbel, Kevin Kowalski, Chris Russell, David Gravette, the Space Program Skateboards squad and the entire Uma Landsleds team to name a few. Live music erupted on Saturday night with three heartbreaking outfits from down the hill in Portland. Uma’s team kept the party going with an impromptu dry track downhill session late into the night and a primo gauntlet for the intrepid souls in front of their pickup truck.

Kevin Kowalski

Photo credit: Blair Alley

Kevin Kowalski went big with a Japanese tune above the tent in Poler Jam.

The Tactics team showed great homegrown strength taking a ton of money on the various top tricks: Alex Lobasyuk, Romel Torres, Trent Bowman, Phil Hansen and Nathan Vitale were setting up. Local rippers Liam Helberg, Kristin Ebeling, Casey Tratz and Davin Wyncoop also got their fair share of greenbacks.

Alex Lobasyuk

Photo credit: Blair Alley

Longtime Oregon ripper and Team Tactics rider Alex Lobasyuk does hardflips with adidas.

One of the coolest parts of the format was that there was no format! No age or gender divisions – everyone tears each other apart and cash has been given out for successful tricks. The jams lasted until the money was gone, then two winners were named and given an additional $250 each. A loose flow that we would all like to see become more mainstream.
On Saturday, a mini ceremony was held to thank and commemorate Jamie Weller, the concrete magician who built this place with his own hands. Park Superintendent Gregg Janecky said a few words, as did Silas, and a bronze plaque was presented to Jamie, and will eventually live forever in the park. Thanks Jamie! We can’t wait to see what you build in your new East Coast home!

Silas Baxter-Neal and plaque recipient Jamie Weller.

We can’t thank Tactics enough for hosting this weekend and kicking off such a great event in their home country. As Oregon’s local shop, this was an exemplary demonstration of how to give back to your local scene, rekindle skaters, and build culture for the future. Hat !

Phil Hansen, also a talented snowboarder, landed this backside 360 ​​Ollie to switch on the QP during the Brixton jam.
Milton Martinez, cruising!
After Phil received an extra $250 as one of two Uma jam winners, he knocked a trust out of their van!
Phil gets privileged over the first quarter pipe Jamie Weller has ever poured here.
Roman Pabich went the highest during Uma’s jam.
Chris Russell muscled this nosegrind tailgrab during the Pro-Tec jam.
Silas Baxter-Neal, half cab bluntslide.
Davin Wynkoop with a laid back Suski grind during the RVCA pole jam session.
Kevin Holmes of Tactics, big FSA in the trees.
Silas Baxter-Neal, frontside bluntslide on the Yeti Cooler.
Liam Helberg got some dough for this bluntslide in the Vans jam in the bowl.
Kevin Kowalski, judo transfers the spine in the Roark jam.