November 29, 2022
  • November 29, 2022

Sliding all night with AWS | Culture

By on October 18, 2022 0

The Student Association (AWS) descended on the valley for their Pynk-themed week. Finish things off at Pynk with a glow-in-the-dark skate party.

The students had a fun evening roller-skating at the event center. AWS Activities Coordinator Faith Woods, a sophomore agriculture student in Baton Rouge, LA, explained her inspiration for the event. “AWS had a skate party two years ago, but I wanted to give other students a chance to experience it. I found that a salesman solved the problems and the skate party come to life,” Woods said. The portable skate floor definitely made students feel like they were on a skating rink.

Even though it was an AWS event, the SU men were still able to come and live out their “Roll Bounce” dreams. After students entered, waivers were signed and pink wristbands were given out in exchange for glow-in-the-dark skates. The students filled the rink for the night and ran away. As the music played, the students glowed in the dark skating tricks trying not to fall. Even so, there were professional skaters on the floor dancing and gliding past the newbie skaters.

Tiannah Taylor, a sophomore nursing student in Mobile, Alabama, has been skating for nearly a year and a half. Taylor talked about how the event could have been better. “I feel like it went well but it would have been better in the mini dome where more people could have been on the ground. I enjoyed seeing some of my skater friends from back home and meeting new ones. new.

Although the students had an allotted time to skate on the rink, the students waited for their chance to hit the ground. AWS had a supply of pads that students could use to sanitize after each use. The skate party gave students the opportunity to interact with their peers in an entertaining way. Every now and then someone would drop in with a huge smile filling their face. Then get up quickly to try again!

“I’ve been skating since I was very young, but over the past year or two I’ve started skating more often to learn more tricks. I appreciated how organized it was and how much time everyone had to skate. I also really liked that if you had your own skates you could skate as long as you wanted. I feel like the event went well,” said Asjia Brock-Johnson, a young nursing student from Atlanta, Georgia.

AWS ended Pynk Week sliding all night. Skate night was an exciting way to end the week. Leaving students anxious to know what they are going to plan next.