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Skate 4 Reveal could arrive in July with Need for Speed ​​and FIFA 23

By on June 28, 2022 0

Skateboard title fans have been waiting Skate 4 for longer than they could have ever expected, but it looks like this new drought may soon be over. There are a few rumors circulating about it. EA will present some of its new titles in Julyand it looks like this Skateboarding Sim might see the light of day after years of excitement.

Although there is no official confirmation yet, there have been plenty of insiders working in the industry who have dropped crumbs of information, not just about the possibility of the newest skate the game is finally presented, but the latest installments in other popular franchises such as Need of speedand Fifa. Let’s take a look at all the information currently available.

FIFA, Need for Speed ​​& Skate – What to expect in July

Although there is no official confirmation, nor date yet, with all the exciting revelations which took place in June, it seems that July may be an even more exciting time for fans of these three franchises. skate has had die-hard fans since its inception, allowing players to take insane control over the tricks their skaters can perform with the help of the Right analog stick.

You’ll be able to pull off some insane combos, but nothing like you won’t find in Tony Hawk since the game is slightly set in a more realistic tone, but you’ll still find little clunky bits scattered throughout the title. With the new title, fans are hoping to see great visuals, along with the same gameplay they’ve come to know and love.

It seems that the insider Jeff Grubb noted that the most recent Need of speed title will aim for a new type of graphic style, mixing anime elements, alongside nearly photorealistic vehicles. July is only a few days away, so we can only hope that we finally get a proper glimpse of Skate 4alongside these other titles!