September 22, 2022
  • September 22, 2022

S2 E1- Kilian Martin in Madrid

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Kilian Martin is a professional freestyle skateboarder from Madrid, Spain best known for his unique trick selection and skateboarding style that gained worldwide acclaim after his A Skate Escalation video went viral in February 2012.

As a landlocked child surfer, Kilian was advised to take up skateboarding to improve his surfing technique and he was quickly hooked. Shortly after beginning his skating journey, Kilian discovered Powell Peralta’s legendary Ban This video, which introduced him to free skating. Freestyle was something Kilian could combine his gymnastic abilities with, allowing him to get creative and do things that had never been done before.

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I had heard before that freestyle wasn’t cool and all that stuff… but at the end of the day, I don’t skate for people; I skate for fun and because I like it

At just 17, Kilian moved to Barcelona to try to make a living from skateboarding. To make ends meet, he worked as a waiter and loaded trucks until the day he was asked to fly to Paris for a shoot in a fashion magazine. Overnight, he became a skate sensation in the advertising world, filming dozens of commercials for some of the biggest names in luxury retail.

Skateboarding can definitely be beautiful; it’s an art form

In 2010, Kilian cemented his status as a top freestyler by winning the Freestyle Skateboarding World Cup in Paderborn, Germany. It was through these contests that he met fellow freestyler and video director Brett Novak and in two years they will release the first of eight viral skate videos that have taken freestyle skateboarding to new global audiences, far beyond. beyond the reach of the mainstream skate industry and has seen Kilian’s talent featured on over twenty global TV channels.

I love doing commercials – I did the Apple commercial…I did Ballantine’s…Ralph Lauren…Smart Car…a collaboration with Mercedes…Lacoste…it’s pretty cool to travel around the world doing these commercials

Commercial advertising work poured in, from Google to Mercedes Benz, Ralph Lauren, Footlocker and a dozen other household names. With the support of his dream sponsors in Powell Peralta and Vision, Kilian moved permanently to the United States from where he continues to travel the world in search of epic settings for his artistic and creative interpretation of what skateboarding can be. .

I love to street skate on my own, I love to freestyle on my own but I feel like when I combine freestyle and street it’s the best opportunity I have to be creative

Kilian Martin has taken skateboarding’s most old-fashioned genre and become a sensation in the commercial world beyond the reach of the skate industry. He’s a self-taught professional skateboarder with an internet following measured in the millions. Skateboarding can be an art not only in its execution but also in its context, as Kilian’s videos clearly show.

He’s a guy who keeps a list by his bed to write down ideas for stuff that come to him in dreams, and then tries to make those dreams come true.

Before you go to sleep there’s that time when it’s real and not real…it’s the best time to make stuff up because you’re thinking crazy things that you wouldn’t make up in your daily life

It’s pretty much a metaphor for his life. Who’s heard of a Spanish freestyle pro these days? With a story like that, there was no way it wouldn’t feature in Madars’ quest to explore the roads less traveled in skateboarding.

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