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Roller Skate Victoria seeks help to keep public skate parties rolling – Saanich News

By on January 3, 2020 0

The group which organizes public skating parties, hosted a Roller Disco Puppy party and offers various roller skating and dance lessons in Greater Victoria is making a public appeal for space to host future Friday skating parties.

Roller Skate Victoria was launched in 2018 and has seen a steady increase in people coming to skate with them since. But they encountered difficulties in meeting the demand. With classes starting and no facilities confirmed to host Friday Night Skates in early 2020, Roller Skate Victoria’s Vicky “Rage” Major has called out to the public for suggestions.

“If you know of a space available on Fridays that will allow wheels and accommodate 100-200 people who like to skate on Fridays, please let us know,” Major said. “We encountered dead ends everywhere,” she said. “A lot of places write us off immediately because of the wheels, but it’s really no more damaging than floor hockey with the hard sticks hitting the ground. The wheels are soft and we use soft stops.

She said the group has several “really great” venues, including the Archie Browning Sports Center in Esquimalt which is used for ice skating in winter, and the Royal Roads Gymnasium which she says is too small for skates public.

Major said the organization rented about 77 pairs of skates in the first hour of their most recent public skate. She said other regulars have gone out and bought their own skates since they arrived, so attendance numbers are higher.

The organization was also approved by Saanich for a skate rental license at Lambrick Park in April. They ran Sunset Skates on Sunday in the Lacrosse Box from 7-9 p.m. and Roller Sweat Training Classes on Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. In August, about 10 people attended Roller Sweat Wednesday classes, Roller Skate Victoria director Martin Newham said.

Newham said the next step is to return to Saanich to get approval to rent skates in the summer of 2020. But, he said, the organization will have to discuss whether or whether to put back skates at Lambrick Park this summer because they currently don’t have enough accredited instructors available to run kids camps, public skates and lessons.

Newham urges people to contact the group and come to a public skate or class if they have roller skates to donate, want to learn to skate, want to become an instructor or want just get in shape and have fun.

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