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Roller skate, hula hoop and get on your way to fitness with these retro workouts

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HELP ease the boredom of last year’s lockdown, as weeks turned into months, the whole country got hooked on recreating the TikTok dances.

But this year, retro workouts are the new craze, with roller skating, hula hooping, skipping rope and aerobics all making a comeback.


Credit: Aaron Thomas / Stocksy United

We are so obsessed that there are almost 2 million roller skating hashtags on Instagram.

And on TikTok, there are 4.7 billion breathtaking views of skating videos, while the hula hoop has over 900 million and the jump is over 650 million. But why are we all addicted?

“There is a nostalgic element to this,” says psychologist professor Craig Mahoney of the University of the West of Scotland. “The boredom caused by the pandemic has driven us to seek exercises since our childhood.

Plus, these activities are inherently fun, and countless studies show that we’re more likely to keep exercising if we find it enjoyable.

So get out your sweat bands – it’s time to put on your skates …

Jump through circles

The hula hoop is the original pencil sharpener that you can do just about anywhere. “The hula hoop is a great basic workout because you have to engage your abs to keep the hoop around your waist,” says Amelia Sparkles, aerial athlete and hula-hoop performer.

“It seems to be getting popular again because people realize that you can get in shape by playing, that’s what the hoop looks like.” Want to give it a try yourself? Then opt for a weighted version.

“Weighted hoops are best for beginners because they’re easier to spin around your waist, so you’ll get more reps,” says Amelia. “Unweighted hoops go faster but are more difficult to control at the start. And remember to hoop back and forth to avoid injury.

For inspiration to get you started, check out @Symoneforever and @Skyflowartist on Instagram for cool ideas and tips.

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“The hula hoop is an excellent basic training”Credit: Getty

Roll, roll

It was the ultimate way to celebrate your birthday throughout the ’80s, and now roller skating is the activity of the day at many parks across the country. “This full body workout is great for strengthening your core, upper legs and improving your balance,” says personal trainer Jason Briggs of Gear Hungry.

“The learning curve to skate is surprisingly not that steep and you can improve dramatically in just a week, but the main thing to master is to learn how to fall safely,” he adds. It means learning to use your butt to cushion falls! Finding the right surface for skating is also essential.

“A lot of people take to the streets to learn and are immediately turned off because gravel roads aren’t suitable for wheels,” Jason adds. “But empty parking lots, basketball courts and hard-surface tennis courts are ideal.”

Practice your balance indoors as well. “If you have room, keep one set of wheels on the ground, the other foot balanced on the front wheel only. Then move to and from each foot with your weight. Over time, your body will feel comfortable with the constant change in weight, which is vital when you skate outdoors, ”says Jason.

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Back to class

You don’t have to don the leotards and leggings of yesteryear to enjoy aerobics these days – your favorite workout gear will do, even if it’s a jogger. ample. And with the reopening of studio classes, you no longer need to do it alone in your living room.

“Aerobics is super fun and an accessible way to get your body moving. Even if you will be working hard (there is a lot of reps!), You will have a great time, ”says Lily Mae McGregor, dance and fitness instructor at Frame Fitness Studios.

Keeping to the beat of the music not only targets your glutes, core, arms and shoulders, but also your heart and brain. “It’s a fun mix of cardio and strength and muscle endurance, so a workout for all the major muscle groups,” says Lily. “It also increases levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin, which is great for reducing stress and anxiety.”

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“The jump works almost all the muscles in your body”Credit: Stewart Williams – The Sun

Go to that

Mention the jump and pictures of boxers or kids come to mind, but it’s actually a great high-intensity cardio workout for everyone. And once you have a rope, you have everything you need.

“The jump works almost every muscle in your body,” says Maria Binns, trainer at Kobox. “It’s one of the best forms of cardio, increasing your heart rate to improve endurance and cardiovascular health. It also improves bone density and coordination.

Mastering the tricks can also work as a mindfulness activity. “Learning a new jumping technique requires you to focus and be present, otherwise you’ll trip all over the place,” says Maria.

She offers a word of warning, however. “Make it easy for yourself!” You need to give your body and joints time to adjust to your new sport. Start with just 10 minutes a day, slowly increasing over the weeks.

Jumping star Lauren Flymen – AKA @ Lauren.Jumps – adds, “Jumping on a mat instead of paving or concrete will lessen the impact and help your rope last longer. Mats and grass should be avoided due to lack of support and increased risk of injury ”,

Another trick is to pick up a beaded rope on a speed or PVC rope. “Beaded strings with durable, lightweight handles are easier to control,” says Lauren. “Strings with long shafts give you more room for error on crossover techniques because they extend your reach.”

Finally, if the last time you skipped was in school, your technique will need to change. “Stay on your tiptoes and don’t kick your butt. You don’t have to jump high to release the rope, ”says Lauren.

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