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Roller skate at sunset | Go out and go

By on May 23, 2019 0

Community Skate Night is back for another action packed night this Friday.

Locals and visitors gather from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Old Spanish Trail Pavilion, 3641 SUS Highway 191. Usually held on the last Friday of each month, this month’s Community Skate Night takes place a week earlier, on May 24, and coincides with Memorial Day weekend. The monthly Skate Night pop-up events invite the community to have fun on the go.

Skate Night host Erin Trim said the event is open to all ages and ability levels.

“Whether it’s individuals skating for the first time in years, or just learning and having that big smile of accomplishment and excitement on their faces,” said Trim, “at the seasoned skaters who dance while rolling around the rink, forming conga lines, ”pull the duck, and jump in the air.

To “shoot the duck,” Trim said the skaters will “hold one leg straight in front while crouching and rolling.”

The event, hosted by Skate Moab, is free for locals. There is a $ 5 donation for out of town visitors. People are welcome to bring their own skates, but rental is included in admission.

Parking is available at the lodge, about a 10-minute drive or 9 km uphill bike ride from downtown Moab. The outdoor pavilion used for skating is covered and a concession kiosk with drinks and snacks will be set up near the washrooms next to the rink. School groups, local restaurants, and food truck vendors are encouraged to contact Skate Moab to inquire about providing food services at Skate Night events.

Trim said a mix of upbeat and family music will be played to inspire people to rollerblade. Music should include genres such as funk, disco, classic rock, recent pop music, and some roller skating classics such as Village People’s “YMCA”.

“We welcome requests and will perform whatever we have in our ever-growing music library,” Trim said.

The pavilion center oval will be available to all skaters who wish to try out different moves or be part of a group dance or limbo.

Trim said about 55 people attended last month’s Community Skate Night event.

“We have a fast lane and a not-so-fast slow lane,” Trim said. “For people who want to increase speed, stay on the inside lane. If you are learning to skate or want to slow down and chat with friends, please stick to the outer lane.

Skate-mate walkers are available for anyone who needs extra stability while riding around the rink. In addition, everyone is welcome to sit down and watch.

“[The] the last Skate Night had a few people who were amazing dancers, ”Trim said. “They were moving in all directions while skating in an oval. They had incredible footwork.

Jazmine Duncan, a Skate Moab organizer, said: “I think it’s very important to have family events like this. No alcohol, just pure pleasure.

Grants from the WabiSabi Make a Difference in Moab Fund and the Grand County Recreation Special Service District enabled Skate Moab to purchase skate mates walkers and a fleet of roller skates for Skate Night events.

“I grew up with an ice rink in Moab that was in the Shopko building,” said Christopher Kauffman, a Moab resident. “The community skating nights allowed me to introduce my son to skating and share with him something that I really loved as a kid. It’s great fun with friends, music, and great organizers.