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Roller Champions, Ubisoft’s Free PvP Roller Game, Launches May 25

By on May 19, 2022 0

Roller Champions, the free-to-play PvP roller skating game from the mind of Ubisoft, is launching on PlayStation, Xbox and PC via the Ubisoft Store at May 25. Accompanying this news is a new cinematic trailer showing off some of the characters featured in the fast-paced sports action game.

For those who would love to get their hands on the title but aren’t a fan of those particular platforms, the game will also launch on Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store, Amazon Luna, and Stadia at a later date. The game will also feature cross-play and progression since launch, so you’ll be able to switch between platforms if you can’t choose just one.

The new Roller Champions cinematic trailer

The game is a three-on-three PvP title where two teams compete in an arena. It’s a goal-oriented title, where both teams compete to score five points first to secure victory. You can grab the ball and pass it between your team, as well as rip it out of the enemy team’s arms by tackling them to the ground.

The trick with Roller Champions is that you can’t just run and score a goal as soon as you get your hands on the ball. You must complete a full lap of the arena before the opponent’s goal opens, which means you’ll be racing and chasing other players once play begins.

The game is, as you’d expect, a live service title. This means it will launch with a free Roller Pass with a range of cosmetics for your skater, as well as a premium pass with additional gear you won’t be able to acquire through other means. There’s also a skatepark hub, where you can hang out and show off your unique look to other like-minded gamers.

What do you think of Roller Champions? Do you think it has resistance against bigger live service titles right now? Or do you think it will follow the path set by Hyperscape and many other games that came before it? Let us know below!