November 29, 2022
  • November 29, 2022

Ramp skating game available on PC, no new content planned

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Described as a Super chill digital skate toy More than a video game, it’s about doing tricks while letting yourself be carried away by the flow of the relaxing OST. A refined experience, clearly in the vein of island city dwellers, which will offer four levels at launch, ranging from a classic half-tube to a multi-level jump ramp. A minimalist and relaxed skate game

A title with a relaxing ambition, which is based on a game that is easy to learn but more complex to master and designed for short gaming sessions in chillax mode. Here, no content to unlock, no scores or sensational embellishments, everything will be available immediately. The ramp will therefore be focused on skateboarding, relaxation and that’s it.

Y Paul Schnepf give yourself a few days of rest after launching The ramp, you will get back to work on your game right away. In a post on the game’s Steam page, the creator explains that he will make some saving changes for the game. game, in particular to make it more accessible, but that no additional content is planned. No new content on the horizon

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