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PS Vita Exclusive 2D Skating Game OlliOlli Releases January 21

By on January 11, 2014 0

An article on the PlayStation Blog revealed that OlliOlli, a 2D skateboarding game, will be released exclusively for PS Vita in North America on January 21 and in South America, Europe and Asia on January 22.

UK developer Roll7 said that OlliOlli mixes addicting gameplay and life with over 120 skateboard tricks and grinds. Those familiar with mobile games and endless runners will notice that this looks like a mix between Canabalt and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

OlliOlli will offer four modes. Career Mode will feature 50 handcrafted levels, divided into Amateur and Pro difficulties, and allow you to prepare tricks and combos to wow the crowd. Completing a level will open it to Spot Mode, which will require you to reach the end of the level with a large combo. Daily Grind mode will allow you to practice for as long as you want, but will only give you one chance to submit your score, which will then be compared to players around the world. Finally, RAD mode, based on an early version of the game, only allows perfect landings and grinds.

Roll7 has stated that OlliOlli’s price will be announced on the day of its release.

OlliOlli – Trailer

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