June 28, 2022
  • June 28, 2022

OlliOlli World skating game is an addictive workout

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The latest skate video game to hit consoles is a massively addictive work of art, full of creativity and diversity.

Although it is incomparable to the likes of Tony Hawk Pro Skater, OlliOlli World is a refreshing take on an adrenaline-filled, often extreme sport.

Each level of the map has its own unique and colorful style. (Provided)

I had the chance to move forward with OlliOlli World ahead of its release and sat down with Roll7 co-head of studio Simon Bennett, who highlights the game’s creative flow and immersiveness.

“Oh, there’s so much we’re excited about; I can’t wait for people to meet the weird and wonderful inhabitants of Radlandia and explore this wacky world we’ve created,” Mr Bennett told 9News.

The first one OlliOlli The game was released in 2014 and was originally intended to be a mobile game.

But a successful launch on the PlayStation Vita led to later releases on other consoles as well as a sequel.

Now over half a decade later OlliOlli is back.

“For us, Radlandia is a celebration of the diversity, the love, the joy that goes into skating and the community that surrounds it,” Bennett said.

OlliOlli has always been a tough game, and that high-level challenge is still there, but we’ve also introduced a smoother difficulty curve this time around.”

OllliOlli World Skateboarding Video Game
Character customization and diversity is a welcome feature. (Provided)

Radlandia, as the game world is known, is a beautifully colorful and quirky dimension. OlliOlliThe art style of , in some ways, takes me back to 2002’s Jet Set Radio Future on the original Xbox.

“I think, for me, the biggest way Jet Set Radio Future inspired us was that it was a game that was unlike any game you’ve ever seen before. And that’s definitely something that we wanted to do with OlliOlli as well,” Mr. Bennett said.

Jumping, landing a trick and landing in a grind, it’s not too different from the classic inline skating game, OlliOlli just has more side-scrolling and less metropolitan police and gangs chasing you.

The characters are interesting in their own way, as you play as a custom character, you meet dozens of like-minded skater friends along your journey.

“Honestly, when we started making the game, the team was so small that we didn’t know how far we could push the customization,” Bennett said.

“We wanted to be as expansive as possible, and here I have to give huge thanks to Arthur Tubb, our character artist, who absolutely shattered everyone’s expectations and more.”

Mr Bennett said the Roll7 team wanted to create a game where people could play like anyone else.

OllliOlli World Skateboarding Video Game
Simon Bennett is co-head of studio and co-founder of Roll7. (Provided)

The game world is divided into different environments on the map. Starting in a sunny seaside town, you’ll quickly find yourself skating through a level filled with ice cream.

Eventually the door opens to a lush forest inhabited by giant bumblebees – the level of variety is at its height.

“Personally, my favorite biome to skate in is Cloverbrook,” said the avid surfer and snowboarder.

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“There’s something really fluid about the levels built around the natural environment, around the curves of rivers, tree trunks and giant treehouses.

“There’s something really joyful about skating in an area that you wouldn’t normally associate with skateboarding.”

One of my favorite levels was also in Cloverbrook, where I had to skate alongside a fast-flowing river while racing a bear in a yellow floating ring.

I mean, it sounds ridiculous, but it was purely entertaining and a satisfying challenge.

OllliOlli World Skateboarding Video Game
One level in OlliOlli sees your character racing a bear down a river. (Provided)

The game’s audio and soundtrack were an important part of OlliOlli World’development, Mr. Bennett said.

“We have these relaxing, very laid-back tracks that sit very interestingly alongside Guy Cockcroft’s very punchy sound effects,” he said.

“I think it really captures the sense of flow in the game, and the way it sits and complements those adrenaline-fueled, high-octane gaming moments.

“You can really get lost in the game.”

On the PlayStation 5, game audio, mostly skateboard sounds, comes from the controller’s speaker and helps create a uniquely immersive feeling.

“The addition of new tricks and the much richer art style definitely adds to that feeling of immersion – I also think the soundtrack is really important in general,” he said.

Bennett said the studio wanted to create a video game you’ve never seen before, with new rendering technology and “incredible concept artists” bringing their vision to life.

“But we are far from done,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to taking what we learned from this game and digging into it even more as we move forward.”

After about 40 minutes of play my left hand felt it and the controller stick had quite the workout.

I asked Mr. Bennett if he had any tips for easing the physical (and mental) burden of gambling.

“Take lots of breaks, press your left thumbstick and maybe the living room, just in case you end up throwing the controller away – that piece could be me, though,” he joked.

OllliOlli World Skateboarding Video Game
OlliOlli World is full of interesting characters. (Provided)

For players who know OlliOlliMr. Bennett said there were a ton of new gameplay elements that he was excited to introduce players to.

“I’m super excited for people to get to grips with some of the new mechanics – wall rides, grabs, smash-grabs. Oh, and the late tricks! I love good late tricks, they’re very satisfying to pull off.”

OlliOlli World is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam) on February 8.