September 22, 2022
  • September 22, 2022

‘OlliOlli World’ adds Danny Trejo as side quest NPC

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Players return and traverse Radland, a vibrant world filled with colorful characters, as they seek out the mystical skate gods in their quest for Gnarvana. Radland and its inhabitants are delightfully eerie and crafted with an exceptional and inimitable art style.

In OlliOlli World players can customize the character’s appearance, tricks and style before exploring levels with multiple paths, uncovering all the hidden secrets of this gorgeous skate utopia.

Super tight controls combined with a highly refined gaming experience have always been the mainstays of OlliOlli. But now with OlliOlli World, the platformer ensures that new players can take advantage of the deep combo system and all the game has to offer, while pros can really prove their skills and master a huge number of moves with access to millions of unique levels in the game’s sandbox mode. Players can also compete against similarly skilled rivals around the world in player leagues.

[img id=”555259″ p=”left” ]Developer Roll7 and publisher Private Division have revealed that celebrity guest and actor Danny Trejo will be making an appearance in OlliOlli World.

In one of Danny Trejo’s most visually impressive and realistic digital recreations, this spectacular celebrity appearance is the actor’s most impressive credit yet. Known for his screen presence and undeniable charm, Danny will fit right in with the creative, unique, weird and wonderful cast of OlliOlli World.

Players will meet incredible, colorful and memorable characters, and none are as iconic as the legendary Danny Trejo, who hosts one of the OlliOlli WorldThe essential side quests of . Can you find it in Radlandia? If you do and by completing Danny’s special quest, you can unlock a special cosmetic item to show off on their OlliOlli World personage.

Main characteristics:

  • Welcome to Radland! : Take a journey through a lush skateboard utopia filled with quirky characters and dynamic locations just waiting to be explored. Find your way through Inflatable Alley or race down Los Vulgas to discover new paths, new side quests, great rewards, and epic spin opportunities. All perfectly complemented by a handpicked compilation of IDM and Electronica tracks.
  • Play at your level: Super tight controls combine with highly refined gameplay to ensure a silky smooth ride. Not a pro? Don’t worry – OlliOlli World welcomes you with open arms, allowing new players to tear down the streets and pull off sick method takes without the fear of slamming their faces into the pavement. Think you have what it takes? Achieve mastery through millions of unique levels in sandbox mode or compete against rivals around the world in leagues with an extremely deep combo system with over 100 moves to master and combine in your battle for the highest score.
  • Freedom of expression: Sail through the epic skate paradise of Radland and prove your skills to unlock special rewards that allow you to customize your character’s appearance, tricks, and style. Feel like skating in your flip flops… go for it. You want to wear a bumblebee onesie…ok then…no judgment. In OlliOlli World, as long as you’re on board, anything goes!

OlliOlli World marks the third entry in the OlliOlli series from London-based independent studio Roll7, known for redefining genres and creating remarkable games like OlliOlli, OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood, laser leagueand NOT A HERO.

OlliOlli World is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on February 8, 2022 for $29.99.

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