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Ollie-Oop releases November 16 for Early Access

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Ollie-Oop releases November 16 for Early Access

Ollie-Oop is a fun 3D platform game about an adorable skateboarding dog named Ollie who goes on a great adventure to find his friend Reggie. The game is scheduled to release in early access on November 16, 2021 for PC, Mac, and Linux systems. The game was developed and published by Almost Playable Games, a Minnesota-based games studio that focuses on comfortable games that make people happy. Ollie-Oop is their first game title, according to the game’s official website.

Throughout the game, you will have to help Ollie find his friend Reggie who recently moved to a new town with his family. As the player, you control Ollie as he fearlessly skates around town looking for clues to Reggie’s new location and interacts with the humans and other dogs that live in town as they will give you little quests for them. As you drive through town you can skate on ramps, bridges, and almost any surface you can find to get some air for cool tricks and flips, where you can hear cute squeaky sound effects when Ollie. patina.

Ollie-Oop has many cool features for enjoyable gameplay. If you want to explore the city more, you can interact with the different things you can find, such as traffic cones, balls, and vegetables from the neighbor’s garden, which can eventually lead to some wacky shenanigans or wreak havoc. . You can even race with your canine friends to see who has the fastest wheels in town. Ollie-Oop Also includes collectibles to unlock throughout your adventure, cute hats for Ollie to wear while he skates, and a soundtrack composed by Robert Frost III.

If you are looking for a cute game about friendship and skateboarding dogs be sure to check out Ollie-Oop and follow its evolution. You can buy Ollie-Oop on Steam when it launches in Early Access on November 16, 2021.