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Of all the ski resorts in North America, these are suitable for beginners.

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European ski destinations are all the rage, but let’s not forget the dazzling snow-capped mountains of the North American continent and breathtaking alpine civilizations that give even the best of Euro-ski’s top spots a run for their money. With so many scintillating winter wonders, rocky mountain regions and extraordinary ski trails that wow both beginners and veterans alike, North America is indeed a world-class winter destination with skiing possibilities. and breathtaking snowboarding all over the vast, wild and rugged continent. For those on the west side of the pond who want to dip their toes into the super sport of skiing for the very first time, feast your eyes on some of the best beginner ski resorts in North America below.

ten Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine

Located in the Appalachians, Sugarloaf is a full-service resort offering private and group lessons, rentals, and some of the best views in the area. It’s the perfect ski retreat for people on the east coast, with awe-inspiring trails gliding down one side of Maine’s second highest mountain. The terrain above Sugarloaf’s tree line means there are fewer obstacles on the trails (as well as some of the most amazing, uninterrupted views of the east coast to take in), so beginners can enjoy of a much safer time without worrying about colliding with anything.

Plus, the resort’s vastly varied terrain makes it one of the best ski resorts for new skiers on the East Coast, with around 20 of the 160 plus runs rated green for beginners. In addition, guests can also enjoy incredible cross-country skiing opportunities thanks to the resort’s more than 100 kilometers of Nordic trails – which is only two and a half hours from Portland.

9 Park City Ski Resort, Utah

Park City Mountain Resort is the largest and one of the most famous ski and snowboard resorts in the United States with 341 trails that appeal to all skill levels. Although this is an epic ski resort for advanced skiers with skills to show, it is an equally fantastic place for beginners to learn and get acquainted with the sport thanks to the ski lessons for the absolute beginners, as well as equipment rental and entertainment, welcoming atmosphere that takes the pressure off learners.

In addition, the wonderful staff at Park City are renowned for their maintenance skills, keeping the trails and slopes in top condition to ensure exceptional snow quality and ski conditions. The trails here are also noticeably longer than average, which is great because it means guests don’t have to waste too much time constantly riding the lifts between runs.

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8 Mount Bachelor, Oregon

Mt. Bachelor Resort is an Oregon gem in the Pacific Northwest and sits on the side of a magnificent shield volcano. This popular ski resort has 101 trails, including many easy trails and freestyle trails. Because the terrain is so diverse here, it’s the perfect place for all levels of skiers who want variety, including beginners who have ample opportunity to practice their skills and move on to the next exciting trail. and more difficult once they come together. some confidence.

In addition, Mt. Bachelor also offers an in-depth, highly affordable beginner’s ski program for beginners and those with little experience. And, there’s pretty much nowhere else in the United States that gives a novice skier the superior bragging rights and the chance to say “I learned to ski on a volcano!”

7 Canaan Valley, West Virginia

There are a number of unbeatable ski resorts in this region and around Washington DC, but Canaan Valley definitely covers the gamut as a favorite destination for skiers of all skill levels on the East Coast. Offering 48 highly diverse ski and snowboard trails with varying terrain – including one with an impressive 850-foot vertical drop – Canaan Valley Resort is a top contender and representative of some of the best skiing in the United States.

Here, guests also have access to ski lessons from experienced instructors and can hire equipment if needed. And, when you’re bored of the trails (which is impossible in Canaan Valley!), The resort has some incredibly fun tubing trails to relax on. Utterly irresistible with its spa, fitness center, diverse dining options, and gorgeous wintery backdrop, it’s not just the trails that have earned Canaan Valley a place on this list.

6 Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The fascinating and picturesque Steamboat Springs are just three hours from Denver and offer guests an impressive 165 trails to explore, including several rabbit hills and green trails for beginners. What is especially great for beginners here is the resort’s ski school with great instructors and guides, and the fantastic learning area with wide, open and very easy slopes for newcomers to enjoy. find their marks at their own pace. Steamboat Springs also has a warm, welcoming and relaxed vibe, which is exactly the kind of vibe beginners get the most when learning.

5 Breckenridge, Colorado

Imagine a 13,000-foot peak as the backdrop to a breathtaking winter dreamland, and you get Breckenridge Ski Resort with its stunning 187 trails that make it one of the most popular ski destinations and the most visited in the United States. The snow maintenance here is impressive of an unparalleled standard, and the resort’s masterful infrastructure to keep skiers well served and on the move is simply amazing.

As a family resort with great facilities, plus equipment rentals and plenty of ski lessons for all skill levels – including beginners – this is an amazing place for beginners who want to try their hand at skiing. skiing for the very first time. Plus, where else can a beginner boast of having skied a 13,000-foot-high mountain?

4 Stowe, Vermont

Stowe is located on Vermont’s highest mountain amidst a scenic, lush mountainous forest that looks like a computer wallpaper. Not only is it one of the prettiest resorts on the East Coast, it’s also popular for its accessibility – being easily accessible from major cities like Boston and New York.

Vermont is indeed home to a number of exceptional ski resorts, however, Stowe is particularly noteworthy for its smaller crowds of skiers compared to many others in the area. Combine that with the fact that there are plenty of beginner slopes across two mountains, as well as ski lessons and equipment rentals, and Stowe is a perfect (and quieter) ski spot for beginners and slides. experienced.

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3 Angel Fire, New Mexico

The very family-friendly Angel Fire Resort is slightly smaller compared to its famous and huge neighboring resort – Taos. Because this cute, snow-capped gem is less well known than many of the other equally brilliant ski resorts in the Southwestern region, it’s the perfect winter wonderland for guests to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the slopes for themselves.

Here, the resort’s 81 runs – 21% of which are rated beginner-level – are fantastic for beginners and intermediate skiers, and all are well-maintained thanks to the resort’s vast snowmaking capabilities which provide perfect powdery snow to every time. daytime. There is also a great ski school here that caters specifically to beginners, offering three levels of beginner passes.

2 Northstar, California

The scenic Northstar in equally beautiful Lake Tahoe offers plenty of opportunities for beginners. It is a great family resort with a fun and energetic atmosphere which is why it is such a popular choice among beginners and veterans of skiing who just want to kick back, relax and have fun. Here, guests can also ski to the top of a extinct volcano (bragging rights!)

As for beginner skiers, around 13% of the resort’s ski slopes are classified for beginners, with plenty of opportunities to progress to intermediate slopes when they are ready. And, with an easy-to-learn zone, equipment rentals, and ski lessons on offer, Northstar is a well-rounded choice for those with little to no experience.

1 Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Last but not least, it’s time to head to Canada, where the massive resort of Whistler takes crown as the largest ski area in North America. This huge resort spans two mountains – Whistler and Blackcomb – which isn’t only impressive, it also means guests have almost too much ground to explore. It is the perfect playground for those who get bored easily and like to ski in a new place every time without repeating a descent. Skiers can quite easily ski multiple days without seeing the same trail again, so how does that change?

Newbies to Whistler are thrilled too – in addition to world-class ski lessons, a well-equipped learning center, and easy equipment rentals, beginners can experience a superb variety of terrain here, which means beginners learn. to ski in a multitude of conditions and scenarios that bode well to become an experienced and well-trained skier.

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