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Monster Energy’s Richard Tury and Jhancarlos Gonzalez Take Second and Third Place at 27th Annual Tampa Am Skateboarding Competition | New

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TAMPA, Florida, 22 November 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Another chapter in the history of the Tampa Am contest is in the books! Monster Energy congratulates the team rider Richard Tury taking second place at the 27th Annual Tampa Am Street Skateboarding Competition on Sunday. In front of a crowd full of energy at the Skatepark in Tampa (SPoT) and the global audience tuned in via the live stream, the 28-year-old Kosice player, Slovakia, earned his place on the podium with a perfect run in the ultra-competitive final.

Joining Tury on the podium, Jhancarlos Gonzalez, 24, Bogota, Colombia, finished in third place. In recognition of his strong performance throughout the competition, Gonzalez also won the Mob Grip ‘Mob G for Effort’ award along with $ 1,000 in prize money.

Presented by Monster Energy as the official title sponsor, Tampa Am is the world’s premier amateur skateboarding competition. Widely regarded as a gateway to the pro ranks, the competition was first held in the SPoT warehouse in 1995. Over the years, several of the world’s most iconic pro street skaters have won victories in Tampa Am, including the Monster Energy pilot. Aurelien Giraud and multiple SLS world champion Nyjah huston.

The 27th Annual Tampa Am once again attracted hundreds of amateur skateboarders from around the world. A total of 16 countries were represented at the event, including Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Norway, the UK and United States. To round off a weekend packed with high-level street skating action, skaters also took part in the Concrete Jam Bowl Contest and the Independent Best Trick session.

On Friday, a field of 150 unranked skaters had the chance to qualify for the competition via the Last Chance Open. On Saturday the field of 100 riders was then reduced to 35 semi-finalists in a high pressure elimination format. Sunday’s semi-finals kicked the competition into high gear as the riders battled for just ten qualifying places for the final.

When all was said and done, three Monster Energy riders made the cut: Richard Tury of Slovakia made his way into the top ten posting a perfect run, including gap heel boards slipping the folded rail and heel varial at 50-50 the Hubba for 83.78 points. Also making the cut, Colombian team rider Jhancarlos Gonzalez found a perfect line in his last run in the semi-finals, including a backside lipslide gap switch the pyramid rail, a frontside boardslide fakie caballerial and a tailslide backside switch the Hubba for 83.68 points.

Qualified for the final in first place, Monster Energy’s Philippe mota had a perfect second semi-final. The winner of the Global AMdemic 2020 competition, who also faced elite professional skaters in this year’s Street League Skateboarding World Championship Tour, scored 91.80 points for a perfect routine. Highlights included the frontside bluntslide the pyramid rail, heel front planks slide rail, the backside tailslide shove-it kickflip the Hubba and a heel front fakie on the flat rim.

“It was such a crazy semi-final, the level of skating is crazy right now,” said SPoT live commentator Andrew Canon.

The level of skating increased further in the final when each runner received three runs for the highest score. With no scores displayed live and announced only at the awards ceremony, the battle for first place continued until the very last attempts. Adding to the competitive pressure, a strong Japanese contingent including eleven-year-old phenomenon Ginwoo Onodera as well as Yukito aoki and Raimu Sasaki set the bar high by posting some ultra-technical tricks.

Used to pulling off technical tricks with style and consistency, Monster Energy’s Richard Tury held firm in the final with a clear round on his last attempt. Tury covered the entire course, starting with a heel gap at the backside boardslide the rail, kickflip backside 5-0 the Hubba, frontside nosegrind the kink rail, frontside bigspin boardslide and heelflip frontside lipslide the rail, kickflip backside lipslide the flat rail and frontside varial Heelflip backside 5-0 crush the Hubba for second place behind from Japan Yukito aoki first.

A long-time member of the Monster Energy European skateboarding team, Tury is known for his consistency and versatility. Most recently, “Riso” won first place in the Valencia European Skate Open 2021 and second place in the Urban World Series competition in Madrid.

Also claiming a place on the podium, Columbia Jhancarlos Gonzalez had a perfect run on his second attempt. Gonzalez landed a gap to flip the rear lipside to the pyramid rail, flip the frontside lipslide to the flat rail, flip the frontside 50-50 kickflip and flip the backside tailslide the Hubba, gap frontside noseblunt slide the rail, 270 for the lipslide the rail and a frontside boardslide kickflip controlled switch earned the young rider third place.

Just missing the podium, Monster Energy’s Philippe mota followed a very technical race, but could not lock his last lap. Finishing in fifth place, the 15-year-old from Brazil Landing frontside bluntslide the pyramid rail, kickflip backside tailslide shove-it the Hubba, gap to backside lipslide the rail, heelflip frontside boardslide the rail, Half Cab heelflip noseslide the flat ledge, backside Smith rectifies the flat rail, backside 180 nosegrind the Hubba and a high-tech frontside kickflip bluntslide the rail.

In case you missed this weekend’s live stream of the 2021 Tampa Am Contest, you can watch a full replay on the official Tampa Skatepark YouTube channel.

Thanks to Brian schaefer and the entire Skatepark team from Tampa (SPoT) for another epic chapter in Tampa Am history and the pursuit of the world’s premier amateur skate competition.

To know more about Richard Tury, Jhancarlos Gonzalez, Philippe mota, and the Monster Energy skateboarding team go to http://www.monsterenergy.com. Also follow Monster Energy on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.


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