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Monster Energy’s Jhancarlos Gonzalez Wins First Place in 2022 PHXAM Street Skateboarding Contest

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Monster Energy’s Jhancarlos Gonzalez takes first place and Australian team rider Kieran Woolley claims 2nd place at the 2022 PHXAM Street Skateboarding Contest

What a weekend! Monster Energy congratulates Team rider Jhancarlos Gonzalez on winning first place in Cowtown’s 2022 PHXAM Street Skateboarding Competition at Desert West Skateboard Plaza in Phoenix, Arizona this weekend. In the 20th anniversary edition of the legendary amateur contest, the 25-year-old from Bogota, Colombia took victory with a perfect run. He was joined on the podium by weekend runner-up Kieran Woolley, 18, from Minnamurra, Australia.

From March 26-27, the 2022 Cowtown PHXAM brought amateur skateboarders from around the world to Phoenix, Arizona. Now in its twentieth year, PHXAM is one of the largest amateur skateboarding competitions in the world next to Tampa Am.

Hosted by skate shop Cowtown Skateboards, the annual event provides a proving ground for aspiring amateur riders with a $20,000 purse. Celebrating two decades of PHXAM, this year’s edition included the first-ever “Cash-or-Crash” Best Trick contest, a photo exhibit reminiscent of the work of photographer Joe Hammeke, as well as an After Party featuring the hip-hop artist Xavier Wulf and the premiere of the Arizona skate video MIDTONE.

Throughout the weekend, the concrete Desert West Skateboard Plaza saw intense skating by some of the best am skaters in the world. After qualifying for Sunday’s final in first place, Monster Energy’s Gonzalez thrilled the crowd (and the judges) with a perfect final run, stacking up tough tricks well past the buzzer.

Hitting the course with speed, Gonzalez opened up sending a gap to the frontside liplide the kink rail, followed by the backside 5-0 grind the pool corner, the frontside 270 liplide the A-frame rail, the backside liplide the bigrail , Caballerial frontside boardslide fakie the rail, reversed 180 to pass twisted the Hubba, frontside dulled the corner of the pool, backside 180 nosegrind flipped the rail, backside nosepick shove-it the quarterpipe and frontside tail slide 270 over the ledge for the win.

Another podium spot at PHXAM 2022 went to new Monster Energy driver and Australian powerhouse Kieran Woolley for attacking the course with a flawless run: Frontside ollie to truck bash over the channel, backside 5-0 transfer over the corner rail, backside lipslide the pool corner, crooked grind up the big rail, frontside 5-0 the handrail, backside noseblunt the quarter pipe, frontside Smith grind the rainbow rail, egg plant revert the pool corner, frontside boneless disaster the quarter pipe , kickflip varial Indy the pool corner and switch crooked grind the rail showcased Woolley’s off-road skills for second place at PHXAM 2022.

In the “Cash-or-Crash” Best Trick contest, Woolley got the crowd going with a parallel-footed grind on the rainbow rail that has to be seen to be believed. Also boasting Best Trick money, Monster Army pilot Liam Pace showcased his larger-than-life transition skating skills, including a shove-it noseslide into the corner of the pool and a twist at high speed on the rainbow rail.

In Saturday’s qualifying, Monster Energy’s Brazilian Filipe Mota clinched a golden ticket straight to the final by displaying flawless technical moves throughout the course. Highlights for the 15-year-old included the frontside boardslide big spin and the frontside board slide the rail kickflip, the frontside noseslide fakie and the noseslide to crooks the Hubba, the backside lipslide the big rail and the backside tailslide kickflip the big Hubba. Mota finished PHXAM 2022 in tenth place.

In case you missed this weekend’s live webcast of PHX AM 2022, you can watch a full replay on YouTube.

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