September 22, 2022
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  • Magnolia LA, an indoor skatepark and BMX shop is coming soon to downtown Lafayette – Developing Lafayette

Magnolia LA, an indoor skatepark and BMX shop is coming soon to downtown Lafayette – Developing Lafayette

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A new 5,600 square foot skatepark and BMX store, called Magnolia LA, is coming soon near downtown Lafayette in a former warehouse at 216 Monroe Street.

The new indoor skatepark and BMX shop will feature a large halfpipe-style course with multiple ramps, a viewing balcony and restrooms.

Lafayette has an interesting relationship with skateboarders, BMX and everything related to these sports. Over the past few years, there has been overwhelming pressure to have a skatepark built in Lafayette by many members of the skate community. So much so that the Lafayette city government finally approved funding for a public skatepark to be built in Thomas Park. See our article on this subject (here).

Magnolia LA is a privately funded indoor BMX and skatepark owned by Ooti Billeaud.

“I grew up half a block from downtown Lafayette, always going to Downtown Alive, International Festival, etc. and from a young age I always rode my BMX bike around downtown and I was trying to do tricks”, explains Billeaud. “I feel like downtown is the heart of Lafayette and it was mandatory for me that any skatepark I built in Lafayette be in downtown. I wanted to be part of the downtown reinvestment of Lafayette.

BMX Shop

The total investment in the indoor skatepark will total $145,000.

Funding for Magnolia LA comes primarily from savings from Ooti, several loans and credit cards, and a Kickstarter campaign where many members of the skate and BMX community have already contributed over $18,000 to the project. Volunteers also contribute to the construction of the skatepark by their work to carry out this project.

“It’s going to be world class; unlike anything Louisiana has ever seen.

To contribute to the Kickstarter: Click here.

The tentative completion date for the Magnolia LA Indoor Skatepark & ​​BMX Shop is set for late April/early May and will only cost skaters and riders $10/per session to use the course.

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