November 29, 2022
  • November 29, 2022

Madden NFL paved the way for other video game franchises

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What would the world of sports e-gaming be without the Madden franchise?

What would the world of sports e-gaming be without the Madden franchise?
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When you think of video games and sports, you think of John Madden. (Thank goodness it’s written, and I don’t have to try and do the vocals.) The first sports video game I played was Madden NFL 92 when I was 6, and although it wasn’t It’s no longer my favorite game, there’s no doubt it’s still the de facto sports video game franchise.

I might be a bit of a nerd (OK, a lot), but there are only three sports games that continually land on’s landing page, and Madden is one of them. . It still matters, and as silly as it sounds, it will likely be John Madden’s most lasting legacy. EA certainly isn’t going to change the title name now and neither should they.

It’s a very cool and deserved feather in its cap, and it reminded me of the greatest sports video franchises of all time. (Well, I started to think about it, and then I kept thinking about it because I need some ideas to write about.) Before I give you my top five, I’m going to give you some rules because i want to expose some things and poke fun at some video games along the way.

I’m only doing five because I’m talking about franchises, not individual games. Yes, I would like to put NBA Street in it as well, but it’s not specific to a single video game. I agree, NBA Street Vol. 2 is good enough for the franchise to make a top 10 list but not in the top five. Street games – NFL Street, FIFA Street, NBA Street – count as one franchise, but since they’re no longer in rotation, they’ve (barely) been left out.

Additionally, Esports games do not count as sports video game franchises. I know there are Madden leagues, but there are also Call of Duty leagues, but killing people is not a hobby, it is war.

Some car games count, but Rocket League doesn’t. It is not a real activity. I can’t play football in the car in real life. Think whatever NASCAR video game is, but not Gran Turismo. I know these are real cars, but Need for Speed ​​has real cars too, and if I let that slide, it’s more about what counts as a sports video game and less about franchises.

Okay, on the list that doesn’t include The Show, as launching / running bases is impossible regardless of the button configuration.