Loan for Individuals or Legal Entities?

With the variety of lines of credit available to individuals and businesses, knowing the rates and terms of each makes all the difference when deciding to borrow for individuals or businesses.

The process for credit borrowing by individuals is not very different from that made by companies as a legal entity: consumers, whether individuals or individuals, identify their need for credit, look for a financial institution, present their credit demand and prove their ability to honor the debt discharge. The differences between the forms of hiring, in general, are related to the rates practiced and the payment term.


Loan for Individuals

Loan for Individuals

The supply of credit to individuals has been growing exponentially since the early 2000s. The period coincides with the explosion of payroll-deductible loans, which present better rates than more widespread options among individual consumers, such as overdraft and credit. folks. Individuals have the highest interest rates practiced in the market, but there are quite advantageous alternatives to this profile, such as secured credit.


Corporate Loan

Corporate Loan

Companies have a wider range of credit options available than individuals. This is because there are financial agents that work with specific segments and, therefore, can offer very targeted products, such as credit lines to the individual microentrepreneur, farmers, technology companies, among others.

This more diverse offer of credit, however, does not mean that every corporate credit line has lower interest rates than individual-oriented credit options. The advantage is due to more choice, not necessarily the reduced value or conditions for payment of the product to be contracted.


When in doubt, choose both

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At Pusscredi, whether to take out Secured Credit (CGI), you do credit analysis by combining your personal income and your Corporate income . In the case of CGI, which offers free credit, this Pusscredi differential allows you to borrow money to invest in your business, for example by using your home as collateral. This gives you access to a more competitively priced line of credit without being restricted to exclusive credit options for legal entities.

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