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Japanese grandfather discovers love for skateboarding after buying his first board for $ 7

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An 81-year-old Japanese man accidentally discovered a new passion for a hobby that most people his age usually don’t.

Sk8r boi: Yoshio Kinoshita, who started skateboarding two years ago, continually improves at the sport by learning from skaters much younger than him, reported Reuters.

  • Kinoshita, a retired technician in the construction industry, trains almost every morning at his local skate park in Osaka.

  • The senior skateboarder, who has two children and two grandchildren, works part-time as a bicycle parking attendant when not riding the ramps.

  • He considers all of his young skating buddies to be his “teachers” who provide advice to improve his skills. He also shared that he used to hang on to the railings for balance, but with the help of others, he has since mastered various tricks including a 180 degree turn.

Octogenarian buys a board: Kinoshita said he only tried skateboarding after purchasing a board he found at a market stall selling unclaimed items found on the railroad.

  • Kinoshita, who bought his board for 800 yen (about $ 7), recommends skateboarding to seniors like him as a way to fight dementia.

  • “It’s a sport with a feeling of tension,” he said. “Rather than zoning, I think skateboarding improves the ability to think, even a little.”

  • According to Kinoshita, he needs to practice daily because “if we don’t practice it little by little every day, we will forget how to do it immediately”.

  • “I’m so old that my body doesn’t work like it used to,” he revealed in a short documentary by Heroine skate. “There is no way to compete with young people.”

  • Kinoshita’s presence at the local park has inspired other older skateboarders, as Machio Watanabe, 66, to try out skateboarding.

A true fan of the sport, Kinoshita said he was impressed with the teen skateboarders who have dominated with their performances at the recent Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Featured Image Via Heroine skate

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