September 22, 2022
  • September 22, 2022

Jamie Russell, double world record holder

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Artarmon, New South Wales, Australia – Two-time world record holder
Hall of Fame inductionand Jamie Russell (DOB 2/21/2012) of North Rothbury, NSW Australia, who managed to set world records for the Youngest person to do a backflip on a scooter towards a wooden ramp and for the
Youngest person to do a scooter backflip on an X Games ramp, got the
world record academy‘s”Young Athlete of the Yearhonor, for outstanding performance, sportsmanship, effort, attitude, overall athletic achievement, drive and dedication to the sport.

Jamie’s mom, Mrs.
Kim Russell, says: “We are extremely proud of Jamie for what he has achieved at his age. Jamie has always had good motor skills and balance from an early age. Once he started scooter, he was never afraid to try and wanted to do the tricks that the older kids did, he always showed extreme determination, once he made up his mind, he never gave up We have traveled all over Australia to many different skateparks and will continue to do so to support him.”

Young Athlete of the Year was created in 2019 to recognize the outstanding performance of an athlete under the age of 19 in the previous months. Selections are based on: Sportsmanship, Effort, Attitude, Overall Sporting Achievements, Motivation, and Special Attributes or Circumstances

Jamie’s school
Rosary Park Catholic School is very supportive and encourages all sports activities and achievements. The students are also behind Jamie.

Double world record holder Jamie Russell: “I started riding scooters for fun at the age of 4. By the age of 5 I had successfully done a backflip in the airbag at Parrey Skatepark in Cardiff NSW. I am then switched to the 4.2m ramp and completed a backflip to the resi ramp on 3/21/2018.

“Then, after lots of training and the help of my good friend, Spencer Chermside, who is currently ranked Australia’s No. 1 Professional Champion and World No. 11, I traveled to Warehouse 11 Studio in Artarmon, Sydney NSW where I managed to land my back- Go back to the wooden ramp.

“I was a little nervous at first being only 6 years old, but I was extremely happy when everyone told me what I had actually achieved by doing this trick. I am extremely grateful to Spencer and to everyone who encouraged me and believed in me to do this ride.. I would also like to say a huge thank you to Avoka Clothing for their sponsorship.”

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Inasmuch as“Dedication is the willingness to work towards achieving goals. Commitment is the inner motivation to invest body and soul in achieving them,” says researcher and educator Will Falcao. with a master’s degree in sports psychology.

“To reach your potential as an athlete, you need to have a strong work ethic and an underlying belief that you can succeed. High achievers are determined to work hard even when they don’t enjoy certain tasks, because they are committed to the efforts necessary for their objectives.”

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