November 16, 2022
  • November 16, 2022

How to Roll Backwards Rollerblading – The New York Times

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“Your mind twists back, but your skates roll the same way back and forth,” says Ana Coto, 30, an Los Angeles-based actress and dancer who, at the start of the pandemic, posted a TikTok video. of herself rolling happily. – skate in a wide empty street singing Jennifer Lopez’s song “Jenny From the Block”. The video has been viewed over 17 million times and has been credited with triggering what would become a Covid-19 roller skating boom. Once you’ve gotten over the mental confusion of backing up, rearward facing skating is its own special kind of movement. “It’s more like dancing,” Coto says.

Do not try to skate backwards until you can confidently move forward. It took Coto three months before she was ready to try to turn around. “I would see people lift one leg as they skated backwards, and I was like, ‘What kind of witchcraft is that? ” “, she says. She would go to the nearby rink and tell herself that she could only back up. “I had just fallen,” she says. The elders shouted friendly tips. “Chin up,” they said. So she stopped looking at her feet.

Place your feet in the shape of a pigeon. Bend your knees and bring them together until you have a slight knee kick. Take a look over your shoulders to make sure you don’t come across anything. Instead of pushing the soles of your feet like you would for a forward motion, roll your skates sideways one at a time, pushing into your heels and shifting your weight to the opposite hip as you go. measure. Start with small movements. As you gain confidence and confidence, lengthen your stride.

Coto’s Cuban grandmother grew up roller skating along Havana my lesson, but she never really adopted it until four years ago, when she found herself depressed and dissatisfied. “I think rollerblading saved my life,” she says. This forced her to return to her body. She didn’t care if she fell or laughed at herself, not when compromise was joy. This skill has also opened up new job opportunities, including a place in a recent clip by Dua Lipa. Navigating the world with wheels strapped to your feet has changed Coto. So much so that she now offers roller skates to people, especially if they are having difficulty. “I hope it can heal them too,” she said.

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