June 28, 2022
  • June 28, 2022

Halloween-themed roller skating event is coming to Vancouver

By on October 6, 2021 0

Roller skating is one of those nostalgic activities that never get old. So hearing about a Halloween-themed roller skating event in Vancouver sounds like music to our ears! Especially because such chances are already rare. Who do we thank? Rolla Skate Club!

This Vancouver-based club wants to create a community of women on autonomous wheels. But of course their events are open to everyone! They actually hosted a similar event last month, but tickets sold out before we could cover it. This time around we have the inside scoop.

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The Halloween-themed roller skating event arrives in Vancouver on October 30. And while the location has yet to be released, we can say that tickets go on sale next week. The easiest way to get your hands on it? Subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on social networks.

But that’s not all ! We were also told that the Rolla Skate Club has a “big announcement” for the community coming up on October 20th. And while we couldn’t share more details, we hope they might have found a permanent location for their events!

In the meantime, keep this fun and unique event in mind for this Halloween season and get ready for a spooky roller skating celebration!

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