November 29, 2022
  • November 29, 2022

Great For Hosting Skating Events At Wells Fargo Center | Way of life

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On Saturday, August 28, Comcast Spector and the local roller skating organization Greaton Skates will team up to host the first all-skating event at the Wells Fargo Center. This collaboration supports Great on Skates’ mission to provide high quality, accessible and affordable roller education for skaters of all experience levels.

Shannon Donnelly, Specter vice president of the event, explained that the first event was inspired by the thriving Philadelphia area skating population. “I continued to notice the growing popularity of roller skating across the country, particularly in Philadelphia.”

“I thought I would have the opportunity to open Wells Fargo to rollerblading for the first time. I was looking for a good partner to be an expert in it, and I found it great in skating.” Donnely said.

Great on Skates was founded in 2017 by “Ingine” Bernardino from India. “We like to bring joy, fun and creativity. Our mission is to combine freestyle and street style. There are a few spaces. In the city. Some. West Philadelphia, partly in downtown and partly in south Philadelphia, ”explained Bernardino.

She continued. “We’re trying to achieve different styles of skating, so if you use roller skates you can participate, if you use skateboard you can participate. Techniques and arts of roller skating and roller dancing. There is a creative space for those who want to learn. “

At upcoming events, guests will have the opportunity to roller skate under the lights on the Wells Fargo Center arena floor and enjoy roll-bounce music from live DJs. “We think it’s going to be a really cool environment,” says Donnelly. Great on Skates will be on hand to host skating lessons and entertain guests with roller dance performances between sessions.

Participants are free to skate, but guests are encouraged to attend available classes. India explains, “You can see a variety of styles of skating, from freestyle to street style. Teach beginners balance and skating steps and movements. Roller dancers will learn to skate. Philadelphia is fast back. There is a two-minute presentation on how to withdraw quickly, ”says Bernadino.

Discounts can be purchased on site. All food and beverages should be consumed before and after the guest’s hour-long skating session. It is forbidden to bring food and drink on the event floor.

General admission tickets are priced at $ 10 for children under 12 and $ 20 for adults in an hour-long session.

Skate Rental ($ 10): Customers can bring their own skates or rent a pair for $ 10. Children and adults are available on site.

Great for Beginner Skating Lessons ($ 10): Learn the basics or review roller skating in this 30-minute lesson.

Great for Roller Skate Dance Lessons ($ 10): Improve your skating skills and learn simple dance moves and tricks in this 30-minute class.

Great For Hosting Skating Events At Wells Fargo Center | Way of life

Great For Hosting Skating Events At Wells Fargo Center | Way of life


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