October 6, 2022
  • October 6, 2022

Dunk and Rydberg repeat as American college champions

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Ryan Dunk (Suffolk University) and Paige Rydberg (University of Colorado – Colorado Springs) successfully defended their titles at the 2022 US Collegiate Figure Skating Championships in Richfield, Minnesota.

Held July 22-23 at Richfield Ice Arena and hosted by the St. Paul FSC, the 2022 Collegiate Figure Skating Championships and Invitationals awarded a total of $8,500 to the top three men and women in the junior and senior singles events. .

This year, the non-qualifying US Collegiate Invitational, held in conjunction with the Championship event, invited full-time, part-time, recently admitted or recent graduate students to enroll in short programs (juvenile to novice), excel in free skating (high beginner to senior), pattern dance solo and free dance solo.

“Having [the invitational event] open to graduate seniors and part-timers gave me the opportunity to compete one last time with my collegiate family,” said Danielle Rochlin, a student-athlete from Western Washington University. “I’m so happy to see that USA Figure Skating has opened up this competition and made a place in skating for everyone.”

Senior Women

Rydberg put in two strong performances to defend her title and repeat as United States collegiate champion in the senior women’s event with a total of 160.36 points. His 56.43-point short program featured a triple toe-loop-triple toe-loop combination and two Level 4 spins. In his free skate, Rydberg landed three triple jumps and performed a Level 4 combination spin with change of foot in road to a score of 105.73.

In her first collegiate championship appearance, Audrey Lu (University of California – Los Angeles) scored 159.51 points overall to win the silver medal. His free skate, which scored 105.22 points, included five triple jumps and two Level 4 elements.

Wren Warne-Jacobsen (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities) scored a total of 138.32 points to win the bronze medal. She performed three Level 4 spins and attempted five triple jumps for 86.66 points in the free skate.

Ting Cui (Middlebury College) earned 135.28 points and the pewter medal.

Senior Men

ryan dunk

Dunk also defended his men’s title at Richfield with a total of 212.23 points. In his short program, the two-time collegiate champion achieved Level 4 over two rounds en route to a score of 71.02. His free skate of 141.21 points featured three Level 4 elements and six triple jumps.

Goku Endo (University of California – Los Angeles) scored 184.71 points overall for the silver medal. He scored 126.20 points in his free skate, which featured two Level 4 elements five triple jumps – three in a jump combination or sequence.

Luke Ferrante (University of Notre Dame) took the bronze medal with a total of 165.48 points. His free skate, which scored 114.80, included a combined pirouette with change of foot level 4.

Ian Kang (University of Denver) scored 150.15 points overall en route to the pewter medal.

Junior women

Elizabeth Swanson (Loyola University – Chicago) won the junior women’s title with a total of 108.92 points. In her free skate, she started with a double Lutz-double loop combination and performed a Level 4 change of foot combo spin to score 74.22 points.

Bailey Onixt (University of Michigan) scored 108.19 points overall for the silver medal. His 69.42-point free skate started with a triple Salchow-double toe loop combination and ended with a Level 4 spin.

Christina Tenzin (New York University) scored a total of 104.36 points and won the bronze medal. She completed two Level 4 spins in her free skate to score 66.58.

Amanda Smentkowski (Sacred Heart University) earned the pewter medal with a total of 94.59 points.

Junior men

Michael Chapa (Lake Forest College) won the junior men’s title with a total of 127.16 points. His free skate of 79.10 points included two triple jump attempts.

Ryan Siracuse (Boston University) won the silver medal with a total of 125.63 points. He got level 4 over two rounds in his free skate, helping him win 82.55.

Matthew Mlachak (Ohio State University) finished with 104.22 total points and the bronze medal. Opening his free skate with a double flip-double toe loop combination and getting level 4 on his flying seated spin, he scored 67.59 points.

Gabriel Martinez (University of Illinois – Chicago) earned a total of 100.80 points and the pewter medal.

Full results for the 2022 U.S. Collegiate Championships are available here.