September 22, 2022
  • September 22, 2022

Diamond Lake branch celebrates International Credit Union Day

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Members of credit unions around the world celebrated International Credit Union Day on October 21, an event to commemorate the impact and achievements of the credit union movement.

The Diamond Lakes Federal Credit Union has joined with credit unions around the world in calling attention to the difference between credit unions, according to a press release.

Since 1948, International Credit Union Day “has been celebrated to remember the proud history of credit unions and to promote awareness and support unlike credit unions,” the statement said.

This year’s theme was “Building Financial Health for a Better Future,” which “reflects how credit unions contribute to a better future by working to improve the financial well-being of members. It is at the heart of the mission and structure of credit unions. . “

“Credit unions are non-profit financial cooperatives that provide an efficient and viable alternative to for-profit financial institutions for more than 375 million members in 118 countries around the world. They exist to provide a safe place to save money and access affordable loans, “the statement said.

Diamond Lakes serves a six-county area that includes Hot Spring, Garland, Montgomery, Pike, Clark and Grant counties as well as Hot Springs Village.

Malvern’s head office is located at 7333 Highway 270 and the Hot Springs office is located at 4032 Central Ave. and at 115 E. Grand. In Malvern, call 501-332-6530; in Hot Springs, call 501-525-6530; or email [email protected]

“The credit union’s services are designed to accommodate the busy lifestyles of workers,” the statement said.

Services available include personal savings, checking, certificate and retirement accounts; Free ATM and debit cards; 24-hour free phone service, free Internet banking and bill payment; and free electronic statements.

Loans available include loans for new and used automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs; VISA credit card; credit builder loans; signature loans for as little as $ 300 or up to $ 10,000; and mortgage and land loans.

For more information, visit the Diamond Lakes Federal Credit Union website at

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