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Delhi man who set world record in roller skate jumps returns with breathtaking skipping rope stunt

By on September 25, 2020 0

A video featuring a breathtaking stunt performed by four boys has gone viral on the internet.

Zorawar Singh, a world-class jump rope athlete, was joined by three of his friends for the act and it’s quite extraordinary.

The clip which shows the group of four jumping in unusual but innovative formations will leave the viewer speechless.

As seen in the video, two young boys sit on the shoulders of two other men, respectively taking the activity to a whole new level.

The two who are standing and carrying the turban-clad boys with unimaginable poise jump straight off the skipping ropes. The four in the frame work in perfect sync even when the athletes join the other two people on the floor to engage in a dance workout like a jump routine.

As many people during the pandemic are looking for different ways to stay fit at home, this act of jumping seems like a viable and effective solution that also involves team spirit.

Sharing the video, he wrote, “Pyramid Wheel Freestyle Jump Rope with my criminal partners. With 6 years of hard work Amazing Jump Rope #talent is now brought to you by us. Stay tuned for more content like this.

For the uninitiated, Zorawar Singh is the same person who maintains a Guinness World Record for jumping on roller skates.

Since it went live on September 25, the reckless coup has sparked several reactions among netizens, many of whom have expressed their amazement. The incredible feat shared by Singh on Instagram amassed over 17,000 views and over 2,000 likes.

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Netizens couldn’t help but praise the men in the video for their amazing and awesome routine. The comments section below the post is full of words of appreciation for the team.

“Sir, you are really amazing,” commented one Instagram user.

“Unbelievable,” wrote another.

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