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Best places to roller skate and ice skate in the Phoenix metro area

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It turns out that Phoenix is ​​rolling deep. The valley is home to many roller and ice rinks – even a facility dubbed the Hall of Dames which is home to the impressive wooden Arizona Derby Dames track.

Whether you’re looking to spend an evening gliding on eight wheels in a classic ice rink, enjoying the hilarity of public skating from the bar, or even throwing a birthday party with arcade games and tokens, here’s 11 favorite rollerblading and ice skating spots in and around Phoenix.

AZ Ice Arcadia
3853 Thomas Road East

This Arcadia-area rink is home to a few hockey leagues, hosts freestyle sessions for figure skaters, offers private ice skating lessons, and is open to public skating for all skill levels. Public skating sessions are offered daily in the morning, noon and evening, but it’s best to check their schedule online. Music is streamed by Today’s Top Hits – an XM Sirius satellite radio station – and the east end of AZ Ice Arcadia is the Ice House Tavern, a hockey bar with a full view of the ice rink opposite (make sure you just keep your drink in your hand when a puck hits the plexiglass). Ice House Tavern also offers live music and a wide selection of beers.

USA Skateland by Chandler
1101 West Ray Road, Chandler

The USA Skateland of Chandler features special skate themes known to keep this place alive, including Cosmic Skate, Crazy Sock Skate, and special events like #instafamousfriday, Otter Popular Monday (where you get Otter Pops, duh), and even a Michael Jackson Birthday Hitting. Grab everything from ICEEs to pizza at the Chandler Roller Café, where you can order a bag of 50 tokens for the 20-game arcade area. Return your tokens for such classic prizes like small toys, glow in the dark gear and, eternal favorites, mustache combs.

Scottsdale Ice Den
9375 East Bell Road, Scottsdale

Around since 1998, Ice Den Scottsdale covers over 150,000 square feet and is known as the home of the Arizona Coyotes NHL hockey team. For non-professionals, it offers daily public skating, skating lessons, hockey programs, and amenities like the Mountainside Fitness Training Center. For hungry skaters, there is an Over Easy slot and an 18 Degrees grill. The Scottsdale location of Ice Den also offers public sessions for $ 5 on Friday nights with DJs and that “extreme lighting” again.

Ladies’ room
2517 McDowell Road West

The Hall of Dames is home to the Arizona Derby Dames – the local roller derby league of the Bombshells, Brutal Beauties, Coffin Draggers, Minor Assaults, Runaway Brides, School Yard Scrappers, Hot Shots, and quite simply, the Regulators. The Hall of Ladies is also an impressive ice rink to boot. AZDD competes on an inclined wooden oval track, which is a rare attention to detail depicting classic roller derby. The AZDD Track was designed by Kitten Traxx Banked Track Design and built by league members, volunteers and many more. For women 18 and over interested in registering, AZDD trials take place at least twice a year around January and June for a $ 10 registration fee – usually at Rollero (see below).

Ice arena by the ocean
1520 North McClintock Drive, Tempe

This East Valley hockey rink sits next to Big Surf Water Park, which is seriously why it’s called Oceanside Ice Arena. Opened in 1974, Oceanside has been home to Arizona State University’s hockey program since 1985, and it was the training ground for the Phoenix Coyotes when the team began. The 36,000 square foot Oceanside rink offers a surface area of ​​200 by 90 feet of ice, mainly dedicated to hockey for the time being. While no public skating sessions are scheduled, figure skating sessions are available and the arena can accommodate up to 747 rowdy hockey fans if you just love the atmosphere of the rink.


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