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Best Kids Skating Knee Pad Set

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Which set of kids skating knee pads is the best?

Whether it’s skateboarding, rollerblading or in-line skating, children need the right protective gear to keep them safe. Kids’ skating knee pad sets contain knee pads, elbow pads, and ideally wrist guards to minimize bruises and scrapes while learning the ropes and trying new tricks.

The most basic pads don’t offer much protection, even for beginner skaters, so it’s useful to know what makes a good knee pad or elbow pad. The Triple Eight Saver Series pad set is a great choice for new skaters.

What to know before buying a set of skating knee pads for children


The hood or shell of a crash pad is the hard part and the first line of defense for impact protection. Quality pads have solid shells rather than ventilation holes cut into them. The caps on the knee and elbow pads should be wide to cover a wider area around the knees and elbows. So, if they slip slightly, they still provide protection. With small caps, if they move slightly, wearers may land on the brim of the cap when falling, which is painful.


Thick, shock-absorbing padding is just as important as a hard shell. The base pads have thin padding, which doesn’t offer much protection in the event of a fall. It’s not just the thickness of the padding but the type of foam used. EVA foam has excellent shock absorption properties, making it an excellent choice for pads. With the right padding, wearers will hardly feel a minor drop to the knees or elbows.

Define content

Although you can purchase knee pads separately, a kids skating knee pad set will contain more than just knee pads. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a set. At the very least, you can expect to get knee and elbow pads in a set, but most also contain wrist guards. All three are important for safe skating, alongside a helmet, which you’ll usually need to purchase separately. Some pad sets come with a bag to store or transport the pads.

What to Look for in a Quality Kids Skating Knee Pad Set


Some pads come in one size for youth, while others have multiple sizes for youth of varying ages. It’s always best to check the size chart before buying, as sizes vary from brand to brand.

Color Options

Although black is the default option for skate skates, you can also find kids skates and pads in various other colors and prints. Options include bright colors, such as pink and red, and prints, such as checks and camouflage.


Skating skates usually have hook-and-loop closures to make them easy to fasten. Most also have elastic backs to hold them in place, which means they have to be put on and then tied.

How much you can expect to spend on a set of kids skating knee pads

Although you can find cheaper options, expect to pay at least $20 for a set of pads that provide enough protection. The best tampons can cost as much as $35 to $50 for a set.

Kids Skating Knee Pad Set FAQ

Should skaters wear skates?

A. Yes, skaters should wear pads and helmets, especially young skaters, and don’t let your kids convince you otherwise with images of professional skaters without skates. Experienced skaters know how to bail if they can tell they are likely to fall, and have also learned how to fall in ways that reduce the risk of injury.

Yet skaters can and do injure themselves while skating and many of these injuries could have been avoided with the right protections and a quality helmet.

How tight should the pads be for skating?

A. They should be tight enough to fit snugly and won’t slip or move, but not so tight that they pinch or hurt. Once attached, you should not be able to move your child’s pads up and down or side to side. If you can, chances are they will move while your child is skating and may not be in the right position to protect them when they fall.

What is the best kids skating knee pad set to buy?

Top Kids Skating Knee Pads Set

Triple Eight Saver Series Stamp Set

What do you want to know: Made by a big name in protective skate gear, these pads are available in youth and adult sizes.

What you will love: You get knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, all of which are well-made with high-density, impact-resistant caps or splints. You can choose from a range of colors and prints, including tie-dye and camouflage.

What you should consider: While they are great for average kid use if your child is serious about street or transitional skating, they will likely need an upgrade.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kids skating knee pads for the money

Gonex Skateboard Skate Set

Gonex Skateboard Skate Set

What do you want to know: With lots of padding and tough caps these are great pads, just check the size as there are options for kids and adults.

What you will love: They have plenty of padding for a soft landing in the event of a fall. The knee and elbow pad shells are large, so they protect a larger area than some protectors. You can choose between black or pink.

What you should consider: They are a bit bulky, especially for small children.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pro-Tec Double Down Knee Brace

Pro-Tec Double Down Knee Brace

What do you want to know: These heavy-duty pads are from a skate brand you can trust.

What you will love: Thanks to the large shells and thick padding, you can rest assured that your child is protected while they skate. You can choose from young small and young medium and a range of colors including all black and black and white plaid.

What you should consider: Sizing is smaller than some buyers expect, so check chart before committing.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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