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Bam Margera breaks his wrist in a skateboarding accident | National

By on May 23, 2022 0

Bam Margera has broken his wrist for the 10th time in a freak skateboarding accident after taking time out from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to try a few tricks.

The ‘Jackass’ star was attending an AA meeting opposite a skate park and took the chance to try out a few moves during a 30-minute break in the session – but one trick went horribly wrong and left him left broken bones.

Bam told that this was the 10th time he had broken his wrist and that he would not take any painkillers while recovering because he did not want to derail his progress in drug treatment.

The 42-year-old star is a former pro skateboarder and although he’s retired from professional competition, he still enjoys spending time trying out tricks.

He spent years battling addiction issues and was admitted to hospital in 2009 after a four-day drinking binge left him critically ill.

Bam entered rehab that year but left after four days. He then returned to treatment in 2015, but did not complete the program either.

He later opened up about his addiction and mental health issues, revealing he suffered from anxiety, bipolar disorder and bulimia nervosa.

In 2018, he entered rehab for the third time and returned to treatment a year later.

Bam’s issues continued over the next few years, and he was reportedly written out of his TV stunt team’s 2022 film “Jackass Forever” due to his issues.

However, he told TMZ this week that he had been in a rehab program in Florida for 12 months and hoped to be able to get rid of his addiction for good.