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A charity roller skate will be held in memory of the young Derry mum

By on May 20, 2022 0

Derry, mother of two children, Hayley Rodgers, sadly passed away last May aged just 34 from breast cancer.

A year later, her family and friends want to honor her memory and raise funds for Marie Curie and those who cared for Hayley towards the end of her life.

On Sunday (May 22), family and friends host a “Get Your Skates On” event, inviting everyone to skate along the wharf and raise money in Hayley’s memory.

Hayley’s sister-in-law, Danielle, says the idea came about after Hayley encouraged them all to buy roller skates at the start of the pandemic.

“Hayley posted on Facebook about buying roller boots. 33 and we were buying roller boots,” Danielle laughed.

“So we all joined and bought roller boots for the craic and planned to go down to the dock for a laugh.

“But then the boots came and we couldn’t stand them, they were put in the press and that was it, forgotten.

“We never got the chance to wear them because Hayley fell ill in September, only a few months later.

“We came up with the idea for the fundraiser because Hayley never had the chance, so we’re going to do it in her memory and bring all the family and friends together.

“She was so young and she was so family oriented. Her husband, PJ, my brother, took weaning under his wing and he’s doing it on his own with the help of the families. He’s doing it brilliantly.”

The first anniversary of Hayley’s passing was this week, Tuesday May 17, and Danielle hopes this event will create happy memories during a difficult time for the family, especially her two young daughters, Holly (7) and Lily Kate (2 years old). .

Hayley pictured with her husband, PJ and her two little girls, Holly and Lily Kate

Hayley was diagnosed the day before her youngest’s first birthday and sadly passed away just nine months later.

“We want to mark this week with something good. It helps his little girls to remember good memories instead of sadness, it’s mainly for them.

“We expected it to be a small thing, but it turned out to be huge, so hopefully we can make it an annual thing. We chose Marie Curie this year because they were there in her last days and they have been a huge help.

“There’s a good number of people taking part, it’s going to be good. It’s an all day thing, we also have evening entertainment with raffles.

“No one has skated since they were younger. She’s going to watch us laughing trying to skate.

“She was always up for a laugh, anything for a laugh, she’ll definitely be laughing at us on Sunday anyway.

“Hayley got her hands on everything, she was so creative, she was so good at makeup, even during her chemo she was making Christmas hair bands. She was so caring.

“Sunday will be bittersweet. This week has been really tough with the anniversary. We just want it to be fun and all around it would be so lively.”

The family encourages everyone to participate with or without roller shoes, on foot, on scooters, bringing the kids, in any way possible.

The skate will start at the Foyle Road parking lot next to the Craigavon ​​Bridge on Sunday, May 20 at 12 p.m.

The family are asking people to donate £10 to Marie Curie to help with the charity event.

Donations can also be made the same day or through the fundraising link: