November 29, 2022
  • November 29, 2022

19-year-old Lindsay athlete experiences hockey heartbreak and makes big break

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Ian Jones of KAWARTHA LAKES-Lindsay, 19, qualified for the final at RBC Training Ground, the Canadian Olympic Committee’s annual cross-country search for new Olympic talent.

“I like to take on the challenge of competition and reach new personal levels, so RBC Training Ground is perfect for me,” said Jones. “To be included in the top 100 across Canada is just amazing.

Over 4,000 athletes from a wide range of sports participated in the free research, performing basic speed, strength, power and endurance tests over the past few months.

Jones was selected as one of this year’s Top 100 Athletes, considered to have Olympic potential by at least one of the eight participating Olympic sports. The top 100 will now compete in the RBC Training Ground National Finals, with the chance to be one of 30 athletes to secure funding and a spot on Team Canada, in a sport they may not have. not be considered.

“Ian’s results in all the basic athletic tests were really obvious,” said Evan MacInnis, CTO, RBC Training Ground. “He was one of the top five male athletes overall, so he certainly earned his place in the top 100. He played a high level of rugby, but talent scouts in many of our sports have taken note of his. results.”

Jones is currently a member of the Brock University Badgers varsity rugby team, has played provincially with the Ontario Blues and has attended Rugby Canada development camps.

“I played Triple AAA hockey as a goaltender and was left out of my hometown team during my Bantam year (14). Instead of dwelling on not being part of the team, I chose a new sport, rugby. It was a turning point for me, and I think it led me to this accomplishment today, ”Jones added. “I love playing rugby and have been very successful, and the training I do for my sport has really helped me think about benchmarks like the speed and power that Olympic talent scouts are looking for. . “

During the RBC Training Ground National Finals testing, athletes’ speed, power, strength and endurance will again be tested against sport-specific high performance benchmarks over the course of a few hours under the supervision of the athletes. sports partners of the program and individually or in small groups. formats (as permitted by local COVID 19 security protocols). An athlete’s anthropomorphic measurements (height, wingspan, etc.), sport-specific testing, and competitive sport history also play a role in funding selection.

“RBC Training Ground is designed to help bridge Canada’s Olympic sports talent pool and provide next-generation talent with the high-performance athletic resources needed to reach the podiums,” said Evan MacInnis, Technical Director, RBC Training Ground . “Some of the athletes who participate in the RBC Training Ground seek to re-energize or stimulate an Olympic dream in a sport in which they participate, others participate in the hope of being discovered and directed to an Olympic sport that they may not otherwise have had. -be never thought of.

The 30 athletes selected for funding will be announced in early January 2022, following a nationally televised special documentary.

The full list of the 100 finalists is available at (in the news section)

The funding is administered by the participating national sport organization which integrates the athlete into their system and is used for things like training, transportation, travel, equipment and nutrition.

Over the past six years, RBC Training Ground has identified over 1,400 athletes considered to have Olympic potential (many in a sport they never thought of). At the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics, eight RBC Training Ground athletes competed and four won medals: Kelsey Mitchell (varsity soccer player until discovered by RBC Training Ground in 2017, gold, track cycling speed; Avalon Wasteneys, gold, rowing; Lauriane Genest, Bronze, Speed ​​Track Cycling; Jerome Blake, Bronze, 4 × 100 Athletics).

Partners from the following National Sport Organizations participate in the RBC Training Ground to identify athletes: Boxing Canada, Nordic Combined Canada, Ski Jumping Canada, Speed ​​Skating Canada, Freestyle Skiing Canada, Cycling Canada, Rowing Canada, Rugby Canada and Canoe Kayak Canada.

A new season of RBC Training Ground will launch in early 2022. Visit TerrainTraining for details.


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