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10 Times Reki Kyan Was Sk8 The Infinity’s Best Character

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Sk8 Infinity is a fun sports anime that everyone can enjoy. It’s filled with wonderful characters that fans can’t help but fall in love with, though some characters leave a lot to be desired. But with so many choices, it can be difficult to determine which is the best.

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A redhead stands out in the crowd. Reki, a carefree high school student, is a wholesome boy with a passion for skating. He always puts others first, sometimes wrongly. With such a positive aura, it’s hard for fans not to smile when he’s on screen.

ten Every time he talks about his passion for skateboarding

Reki challenges Adam to a beef in SK8 The Infinity

One of Reki’s best qualities is her passion. Every time this boy starts talking about something he likes, his whole face lights up. When it comes to skating, it’s obvious how much Reki loves the sport. Every time he rides, hearts sparkle in his eyes.

The sheer joy that emanates from him every time he lands a trick can be felt through a screen. Reki’s enthusiasm for skateboarding even carries over to others, making everyone around him, including viewers, want to pick up a board.

9 When he gets turned on by someone asking about his drawing

Happy Reki

Although Reki’s greatest love may be skating, he also has many other skills. One of the most obvious is his creative side. Reki is a talented artist who draws throughout the show. In one scene, a group of his classmates ask him about his injuries and tease him.

Reki doesn’t pay much attention to their annoyances until one shows interest in what he’s drawing. Reki lights up, with literal hearts filling her eyes. Seeing Reki so thrilled by someone who cares about her job proves how wholesome her character is.

8 When he offers to teach Langa to skate

After a blue-haired boy from Canada joins the class, Reki becomes interested in him. He talks to the new student after school, learning that his name is Langa and that he is looking for a job. Reki tells him that the skate shop he works at is hiring. The two are then tasked with delivering an array.

When Reki accidentally brings the wrong one, he is forced to enter a race. Langa, intrigued by the sport, offers to take his place. Reki is surprised by this as he could barely stand on a skateboard earlier that day. After Langa wins the race, Reki beams with excitement at her new friend’s potential and offers to teach her how to skate properly.

7 When he makes Langa a custom skateboard

Sk8 Infinity

Reki and Langa quickly grow closer. He learns that Langa was once a gifted snowboarder but quit after his father died. This explains why Langa had his feet taped to his board during the first race.

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Wanting to show Langa her support and encourage her to keep skating, Reki decides to make her a custom deck. He specially designed it with foot straps to give Langa the same comfort he had when snowboarding. He also uses his artistic talents to create a cute drawing of a snow monster that Langa loves.

6 When he offers to be Miya’s friend

Miya Chinen from Sk8 The Infinity.

After learning of Langa’s incredible victory, Miya, a talented middle schooler who wants to join the Japan national team, challenges him to a race. Langa easily wins the race, leaving Miya feeling defeated. Reki sees this and notices how lonely Miya appears.

After learning about the isolation and bullying Miya receives from his classmates, Reki feels bad for him and offers to be his friend. Even after Miya is rude to him, Reki shows him affection proving how genuine and kind he is.

5 When he stood up for Miya

Sk8 Infinity

Immediately after Miya’s defeat, Adam, the track champion, arrives. He belittles Miya and expresses his fondness for the new talent, Langa. Seeing the hurt this is causing her new friend Miya, Reki confronts Adam and asks him to apologize. He then challenges Adam to an ox to show his support for Miya.

Even though everyone tells Reki that he should back down, he refuses, not wanting to disappoint Miya. Once again, this shows Reki’s willingness to do anything for his friends, even those he just met.

4 When he encourages Langa even during their fight

After a series of events causes Reki to doubt himself, he lashes out and tells Langa that he doesn’t want to be his friend anymore. Meanwhile, Langa prepares for a tournament. It’s an important race and Reki knows he should be there, but he struggles with his lack of confidence and his jealousy of Langa’s talent.

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However, he overcomes this and makes it to the track just in time. As Langa races against Joe, he begins to forget why he is even competing. He is about to stop when he sees Reki in the crowd cheering him on. His passion burst, he remembers why he is there and wins the race.

3 When he and Langa make a promise

After some self-reflection and a strange incident at a love hotel, Reki remembers the real reason he loves skating. It’s not because he has talent or wants to be the best. He loves to skate with his friends. Once he realizes this, he goes to the skate park in hopes of finding Langa.

Sure enough, the boy with blue hair is there. Reki apologizes to him, explaining how he felt inadequate. After Langa encourages him to continue skating, the two reconcile and promise each other that they will skate together forever.

2 When he lost the race but found his joy

During the tournament, Adam asks Reki to replace Shadow as a competitor. Reki accepts and the two begin a dangerous race. Even during this tense moment, Reki seems to be having the time of her life. It uses Langa-inspired tricks and even takes advantage of the rain with its special water-resistant wheels to keep going.

Unfortunately, one of these wheels breaks, causing him to lose the competition. But that doesn’t matter; the crowd goes wild with excitement during Reki’s amazing run. The energy that emanates from him is felt through everyone, even the public.

1 When he saved Langa in the final race

In the latest episode, Langa takes on Adam in the most dangerous race yet. On a steep, rocky course, Adam drags Langa into a trance where he can only focus on skating. He begins to lose sight of why he is there, falling further and further behind.

When he suddenly crashes, he sees the word “fun” written on his board with Reki’s handwriting. This reminds Langa why he is skating in the first place, saving him from Adam’s manipulation. Langa reminds Adam that skating isn’t about being great, it’s about having fun. Thanks to Reki’s encouragement, Langa wins the race.

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